The Dos and Don’ts of Hardwood Floor Maintenance in Dubai

The Dos and Don'ts of Hardwood Floor Maintenance

We all agree that hardwood floors bring an earthy, warm and beautiful look to your home. While it may seem hard to believe, hardwood floors are quite durable and easy to maintain. A little TLC for your hardwood floors goes a long way towards making them last a lifetime. Follow these easy guidelines from ServiceMarket to protect your hardwood floors. You can also hire a Dubai maintenance company to help extend the life of your hardwood floor.

The Dos

Place rugs and runners in high traffic areas.

Hardwood floor maintenance in Dubai

Place cushioning pads beneath all furniture to prevent scratches on the floor. Felt is the best material for these. Make sure the felt is thick enough for heavy furniture pieces.

Clean the sand and grit off of your pet’s paws when they come in from the outside. You can also make them wear indoor boots.

Hardwood floor maintenance in Dubai

Trim your pet’s nails regularly.

Hardwood floor maintenance in Dubai

Clean up spills immediately using a soft, dry cloth. Start from the corners of the spill working your way inwards so you don’t spread it as your wipe it up.

Hardwood floor maintenance in Dubai

Place mats at all entrances, both inside and outside, to catch extra dirt and debris.

Shut all the windows when it is raining outside.

Vacuum once or twice a week using the floor brush attachment.

Hardwood floor maintenance in Dubai

Dust the floor frequently using a microfiber cloth or swiffers.

Hardwood floor maintenance in Dubai

Use pH neutral cleaners specific for hardwood floors.

Maintain the room temperature at 15 – 25 degrees celsius with 35 to 55 humidity. Use a humidifier in the winters and an air conditioner in the summers to achieve this.

Limit fade causing sunlight and excessive heat using curtains, blinds and drapes.

Hardwood floor maintenance in Dubai

Rearrange furniture and rugs periodically to maintain a uniform appearance in the floor’s finish.

Get a hardwood floor expert to apply a maintenance coat for a fresh new look if there aren’t any deep gouges and the previous finish hasn’t completely worn through. You will require light sanding before the coat is applied.

Hardwood floor maintenance in Dubai

Get a full refinishing job done if the previous finish has completely worn through. This is usually required every ten years and involves using an industrial grade sander to sand the floor and applying a finishing coat on top. There are many maintenance companies in Dubai that handle flooring jobs for their clients.

Hardwood floor maintenance in Dubai

Apply a stain if the color after the finishing process is lighter than the color before.

Hardwood floor maintenance in Dubai


Don’t use a wet mop to clean the floors. Wring out the excess water or cleaner before you start wiping the floor. The wood should not get wet or soaked otherwise it will get severely damaged.

Hardwood floor maintenance in Dubai

Don’t use a beater bar or a rotating brush when you vacuum the floor.

Don’t wear spiked shoes or heels on the hardwood floor.

Hardwood floor maintenance in Dubai

Don’t hire amateurs for a touch up or refinishing project. Always hire a reputable flooring expert from a maintenance company.

Don’t drag or push furniture across a hardwood floor. Use protective sheets of plywood to move heavy furniture.

Don’t apply wax to a floor with a polyurethane finish. These can be cleaned with a mixture of one part vinegar to ten parts water.

Don’t apply vinegar to a waxed hardwood floor. Use a cleaning/waxing compound that lifts out the dirt and leaves a coat of fresh wax.

Hardwood floor maintenance in Dubai

Don’t use area rugs, runners or mats with rubber or vinyl backing. These can react with floor finishes and dull the color. Such mats can also trap water and damage the floor.

Don’t expose the floor to plastics, solvents and oils. Even things like hairspray and furniture polish should be wiped up quickly.

If you follow this advice, you will be able to keep your hardwood floors looking stunning for years. If you are thinking of installing hardwood floors, hire a professional flooring crew to do the job for you. You can read reviews and compare quotes from reputable flooring and maintenance companies in Dubai on ServiceMarket.

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