Cleaning 101: Things to Clean Before Leaving Your Sharjah Home for the Holidays

Cleaning your Dubai home before you leave for the holidays

Have you ever come back from vacation only to discover your fridge was full of rotting food? A gross experience, which if you plan ahead you can easily avoid! Here is a list of all the things you should consider cleaning before you head out the door for your spring vacation trip. You can always hire a cleaning service in Sharjah if you don’t relish the idea of doing this yourself.

The bed

We’re not saying to book a mattress cleaning, though it has great benefits, just replace the sheets, tuck everything in nicely and fluff up your pillows. This way when you come home and sprawl on your bed, you feel at home and relaxed instead of itching to change sheets and launder everything.

The fridge

Never, ever forget about the fridge as you pack and arrange your travel. The shades of green your food can turn into is a sight for sore eyes. Give away food to friends and family, store the rest in the freezer and throw out anything close to its expiry date. You don’t have to be too thorough about the cleaning part but a good wipe down is essential.

The garbage disposal

It is out of sight so it ends up out of mind, but if you leave food stuck in your garbage disposal you are sure to be welcomed by nasty smells when you return home. That is not an experience you would like to have when you come home exhausted. Pour some white vinegar and ice cubes down the garbage disposal and run it for a minute or so to clear it.

The garbage

Empty it out! This one isn’t rocket science at all (not that the first two were either, but we make mistakes). Once you are done cleaning and packing, wrap up the trash nicely and take it out. Anything accidentally left around, especially in the kitchen will be happy to greet you with a bad smell once you return.

The clothes

See that pile of laundry in the laundry bag? Don’t ignore it! You will only be adding to it when you come back which means way more work than what you would feel like doing. It doesn’t take long though I know its a chore. So grab all your dirty clothes, run them through the wash, dry them and put them in the closet. You will have clean clothes to wear for the next day when you get back!

The kitchen

Crumbs are your worst enemy, especially in a hot climate like Dubai. Any spills that aren’t cleaned up attract pests. So if you don’t want flies buzzing around in your kitchen or ants making colonies in your pantry, give your kitchen a thorough clean. You could use natural ingredients from your pantry to do the job. You will leave your house knowing that you will be coming back to a clean one. I assure you that it will put a smile on your face!

The bathroom

Have you ever stepped out of a shower after your travels feeling clean and fresh only to step onto a dirty bathroom floor and grimace? Happens to the best of us. Just be smart about it this time around. Wipe down the counters, clean your sink and tub and give your toilet a good brushing the night before your flight or road trip.

Now that you know what you need to clean to have a stress free arrival back home, hire a cleaning company in Sharjah to help! I know how hard it can be to find time to clean when you are too busy running around doing last minute stuff before your trip. You can comparison shop and book Sharjah cleaning services on ServiceMarket.

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