Handyman 101: 5 Home Sounds That You Should Never Ignore

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If you hear the following sounds, your home might be trying to tell you that you need to immediately call your Sharjah maintenance company to come in and fix an issue before it creates a major, money-guzzling repair problem. ServiceMarket has compiled a list of 5 home sounds you should keep an ear open for and never ignore.

Running Water

You closed all the taps and no one is taking a shower or washing any dishes, but there is the sound of running water in the house. Before you have to deal with water damage, it is best to call a plumber in Sharjah to come check out the cause of it immediately.


You turned on the air conditioning and it started to squeal? The belt is experiencing issues. Hire an AC repairman in Sharjah to come in and see if it can be adjusted or needs to be replaced. Neglecting this noise can cause your HVAC system to break down.

Talking Walls

Did you hear scratching or scurrying? The walls are telling you that something unwanted is sharing your home with you, besides the ghosts and the goblins. It might be scratches of little rodent nails as they run around in your walls or pipes. Best to get a Sharjah pest control company to come in right away.

Buzzing lights

Electricity should be taken seriously. If your lights are buzzing or if a switch is crackling when you plug in an appliance, you have a loose connection on your hands. Loose wires can lead to fires. Don’t try to figure out a solution for this one on your own. It is time to hire a licensed electrician in Sharjah to come have a look at it.


If your home has gas and you hear a constant hissing in the kitchen, you have a leak. You should be able to smell it too, but even if you can’t, this isn’t something to be taken lightly. Vacate the premises and call the gas company asap!

Now you should be able to identify home sounds as something to be taken seriously or not. While you can easily ignore the ghosts, you should never ignore the five sounds we highlighted above. If your home is making noises you can’t identify, book a maintenance company through ServiceMarket to come diagnose the issue.

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