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Got a spill on your beautiful leather couch? Want to tackle it yourself instead of calling the professionals? While it’s recommended that you should book professional upholstery cleaning services in Dubai and ServiceMarket makes it easy for you to do so, we have also prepared some tips for you if you want to go the DIY route, and that too using products you have probably already got around the house!

Cleaning Formulas

First, you must know the many types of cleaning formulas that are at your disposal if you just raid your pantry and/or medicine cabinet:

  • Leather purses, handbags, or pouches: the formula behind cleaning these items includes a spray bottle, water, and facial soap. Mix eight parts of water to one part of soap and spray onto a stain or just on the purse in general. Wipe off gently using a cloth and see the difference immediately.
  • Your car seats experience a lot of wear and tear on a regular basis; the trick to keeping them in good quality for the long term is white vinegar and lemon juice. This concoction allows you to condition and clean your car every couple of months to maintain its supple physical appearance. Take it a step further and mix two parts linseed oil to one part white vinegar.
  • Nothing is more disappointing than buying a new pair of leather pants, bag, or pouch and realizing it has a stain on it. Whether or not you were responsible for the stain, you’re now responsible for removing it. Have no fear and reach for some lemon juice, cream of tartar, and a washcloth. Mix one part juice to one part cream and mix them until they turn into a soft mixture. Dab the stain slowly with a washcloth, preferably microfiber.
  • As beautiful as it is; white leather will attract more stains and dirt, just as white items of clothing are known to do! Fortunately, there are some household products that can be combined together to salvage your precious white leather. Try mixing half a cup of olive oil and combining it with a quarter cup of vinegar; there have been many positive reviews about this mixture, so give it a try!
  • If you have a small stain on your sofa, just take out a cotton swab and dip it into rubbing alcohol; before you try it on the spot itself, try it on a side that doesn’t show first to see how it will react with the sofa.
  • If you have a spill on your leather sofa, get some ice cubes and put them in a plastic bag. Leave the bag over the stain for a few minutes; once you remove the ice, the area would have hardened up slightly and you can pick away at it with a spoon.

Another tip that’s helpful to know is: when dealing with leather, don’t rub the problem areas with the cleaning products and washcloths. Leather stains need to be dabbed or rubbed in small circles; the gentler the better. After tackling a dirty spot with whatever formula you chose; go over it with the leather conditioner you created from lemon juice and white vinegar to keep it nice and soft.

The Advantages of Homemade Leather Cleaners

One of the benefits of creating homemade formulas is that you know what’s going into the combinations and they don’t contain the hundreds of chemicals supermarket products do. With cleaning products made at home, you’re ensuring you and your family are breathing clean air. We should always look for healthier and cleaner options even beyond leather cleaning; for example, exchange air fresheners with plants, which are natural detoxifiers that don’t cause any harm. If you’d rather buy a product than take care of a plant, go for plug-in fresheners and essential oils. If all else fails, open a window and let the fresh air in! Another healthy tip; the next time you want to take clothing to the dry cleaners, consider researching a nearby wet cleaner. This method uses more natural products than chemical ingredients and your clothes come out looking just as clean.

Cleaning Isn’t For Everybody

You may be thinking that the task of cleaning leather should be left for the professionals, and if you do prefer that route, sofa cleaning services in Dubai can be found at the click of a button. This is the recommended route to go for if you haven’t cleaned your leather upholstery in ages or if the spill or stain is a major one and you are afraid of ruining your beautiful couch. You can get free quotes for sofa cleaning services in Dubai easily and seamlessly on ServiceMarket. From vacuuming, steam cleaning, wiping, and anything else sofa related and beyond, you can rest assured there are quality cleaners on our website that can take care of anything!

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