How Much Do Part-Time Cleaners Cost in Dubai?

part time cleaners

If your busy routine in Dubai, or the budget doesn’t allow you to hire full-time helpers, consider opting for part-time maids. That way you can get your house cleaned under your supervision when it suits you. 

For those who are working, weekends are more suitable. If that’s the case with you, get part-time cleaners to come on those days. Simply book a part-time maid that best fits your budget and get all the work done on the date and time of your choice.Β 

Cost of Part-Time Cleaners

The cost of hiring a part-time cleaner is less in comparison to that of a full-time cleaner or maid in Dubai, as the former charges you on an hourly basis. The cost starts from around a minimum of AED 35 per hour.

Cost of One Cleaner

Though one cleaner costs less than two or more, it varies as per the service hours. 

Number of HoursTotal Cost per Visit
2AED 126.00
3AED 157.50
4AED 189.00
5AED 236.25
6AED 283.50
7AED 330.75
8AED 378.00

Cost of Two Cleaners

Sometimes you may require two cleaners for a more extensive cleaning, which adds to the cost. The charges also increase as you add more hours. 

Number of HoursTotal Cost per Visit
2AED 252.00
3AED 315.00
4AED 378.00
5AED 472.50
6AED 567.00
7AED 661.50
8AED 756.00

Cost of Three Cleaners

Certain houses and work intensities require extra helping hands. In that case, the cost of booking three part-time cleaners would be as follows.

Number of HoursTotal Cost per Visit
2AED 378.00
3AED 472.50
4AED 567.00
5AED 708.75
6AED 850.50
7AED 992.25
8AED 1134.00

Cost of Four Cleaners

Four cleaners are usually required when there is a lot of workload. The cost is directly proportional to the hours spent cleaning, which would be: 

Number of HoursTotal Cost per Visit
2AED 504.00
3AED 630.00
4AED 756.00
5AED 945.00
6AED 1134.00
7AED 1323.00
8AED 1512.00

Factors Affecting the CostΒ 

The cost of hiring part-time cleaners may vary due to multiple factors. These include the number of helpers you require, the number of hours per visit, and the frequency of their visits. Let’s discuss each in detail.

Number of Maids

Depending upon the intensity of the task at hand, you may require more than one cleaner. The chores you require them for may either be easily manageable by one person or, in case of a difficult task, two or more may be needed. Hence, the more helpers you book, the higher the overall cost will be.

Number of Hours

If the work you want to be done requires time, you’ll have to book a part-time maid for several hours. Since part-time maids charge on an hourly basis, the cost goes up as per the number of hours. Compact houses may not require extensive cleaning, so you may get only one cleaner. Whereas, a bigger house may require more service hours.

Frequency of Cleaning

As per your usual schedule and the size of the apartment, you may not require part-time maid services every day. So, you have the option of calling in the cleaners once, weekly, bi-weekly, or multiple times according to your own time and availability. 


Given the busy lifestyle of Dubai, keeping your house in shape on your own can be a hassle. So, it never hurts to catch a breather and let the part-time cleaners make your house spick and span for you.

Whether you want cleaning services on a temporary basis or an extra hand to help around the house, part-time maids are the right choice for you. You can book part-time maids in Dubai according to your budget and schedule just by visiting ServiceMarket and filling in the necessary information.

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