How Much Does a Home Personal Trainer Cost in Dubai?

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While leading a busy lifestyle in Dubai, it can be difficult to follow a fitness regime on your own consistently. Going to a gym regularly also becomes a task at times because of time constraints. However, there is a great solution! You can now hire a personal trainer at home and never skip workouts again.  

Having a home personal trainer is quite convenient not to mention, motivating as you can easily continue with your exercise sessions from the comfort of your home. 

How Much Does a Personal Trainer Cost in Dubai?

The price of personal training in Dubai may vary as per the type of session and workout you choose.

Type of Workout Type of SessionCost
General FitnessSingles SessionAED 269
General FitnessPairs SessionAED 349
YogaSingles SessionAED 299
YogaPairs SessionAED 399
BodybuildingSingles SessionAED 269
BodybuildingPairs SessionAED 349
BoxingSingles SessionAED 299
BoxingPairs SessionAED 399

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Home Personal Trainer

There are several factors that affect the cost of these training services.

Number of Sessions

Some companies like ServiceMarket let you choose from among the best trainers in Dubai and offer free first sessions. Some personal trainers offer discounted rates for a pre-session if you plan on training with them for a long period. Hence, you can get lower rates per session by purchasing multiple sessions at once.

Number of People to be Trained

You have a choice between availing a private one-on-one session, a group session, or a session with a partner. The rate is reduced if you opt for group sessions as the overall cost is divided per person. 

The Personal Trainer’s Charges

Independent trainers are likely to charge more as they have additional expenses that need to be covered. These may include equipment costs, gym rent, and insurance costs.

The Personal Trainer’s Certification

Typically, certified trainers charge more in comparison to those who aren’t. But that shouldn’t deter you because it is important to go with those who have entered this field after vigorous professional training and are qualified to conduct such sessions.

Years of Experience

Trainers with years of experience charge more than new trainers. Experienced trainers can draw upon more tools to help you with the amount of knowledge they gain over the years. On the contrary, to grow their client base, new trainers may charge less initially. 

Available Spots

Trainers with a full schedule may charge more per session because they would have to squeeze you in. However, if you’re looking for an affordable personal trainer in Dubai, you might want to go for one who is not heavily booked and is looking to get more clients. 

Additional Services

Offering additional services like healthy meal plans increases the overall charges of the personal trainer. Furthermore, trainers who are associated with some known professional who is highly trained in sports medicine or a nutritionist, have higher rates. The more the services they offer, the higher the rates get.

New vs Returning Clients

Returning clients are usually offered lower rates by some trainers in comparison to prospective ones as a loyalty reward. On the other hand, some trainers offer introductory rates to prospects to get them on board.


Home personal trainers are the best solution for all those who find it difficult to stick to their workout routines for any number of reasons. Having a personal trainer come home makes it hard to skip any session. 

If you’re looking to book a personal trainer at home, visit ServiceMarket and choose from among the best ones Dubai has to offer, at economical rates.

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