How Much Does a Manicure Cost in Abu Dhabi?

affordable manicure pedicure in Abu Dhabi

Caring for nails the same way you care for other things, is often neglected by a lot of people in Abu Dhabi. Unless taken care of from time to time, your unkept nails can make your hands and feet look pretty dull. To keep your nail health at its optimum, it is essential that you book at home mani and pedi service in Abu Dhabi.

If you’re wondering what this service might cost you, this blog will be your detailed guide. Regardless of whether you opt for an expensive or an affordable manicure pedicure in Abu Dhabi, make sure that the service providers are experienced. 

A Rundown on Affordable Manicure Pedicure in Abu Dhabi

The cost of each nail service varies as per the type of service chosen and the type of product used.

Classic Mani-Pedi

A classic mani-pedi service typically includes soaking, trimming, shaping, and polishing of the fingernails and toenails. The nails are filed to the desired shape, the cuticles are pushed back and trimmed, and the hands and feet are exfoliated and moisturized. This beauty treatment is a great way to keep your nails looking healthy and stylish.

Classic ManicureAED 80
Classic PedicureAED 80
Classic Mani Pedi ComboAED 150

French Nails

A French mani-pedi service is a classic and elegant way to pamper your nails. It involves painting the tips of your nails with a white polish and then applying a sheer or light pink shade to the rest of the nail. This service is perfect for special occasions or just as a weekly indulgence to make your nails look polished and refined.

French ManicureAED 90
French PedicureAED 90
French Mani Pedi ComboAED 170

Gel Nails

Gel mani pedi service is a popular choice for those looking for long-lasting and durable nail polish. It involves applying a special gel polish that is cured under a UV or LED light, resulting in a shiny and chip-resistant finish. If you want to enjoy your manicure and pedicure for several weeks without worrying about chips or smudges, this service is perfect for you.

Gel Manicure – With RemovalAED 190    
Gel Manicure – Without RemovalAED 120
Gel Pedicure – With RemovalAED 190
Gel Pedicure – Without RemovalAED 120
Gel ManiPedi Combo – With RemovalAED 340
Gel ManiPedi Combo – Without Removal  AED 220                                                    

Kids Mani-Pedi

A manicure and pedicure service for kids is a fun and playful way for young children to indulge in a little self-care. It involves trimming and shaping the nails, applying a kid-friendly nail color, and adding cute designs or stickers for extra flair. So, if you have a birthday party or a special occasion coming up, or you just want a fun activity with your kid, getting them a mani pedi is the way to go.

Manicure (Kids)AED 50
Pedicure (Kids)AED 50
Mani Pedi (Kids Under 10)AED 90

Trim and File Nails

Sometimes you may not require an entire manicure pedicure service, but your nails may still need grooming. In such cases, you have the option of getting your nails only trimmed and filed as per your liking. 

Trim & File Nails (Hands)AED 39
Trim & File Nails (Feet)AED 39
Trim & File Nails (Combo)AED 70

Nail Paint Application

Bored of plain nails or the same old color? You now have the option of getting only nail polish applied or removed, right at your doorstep. Whether you require normal nail polish or gel polish removal or application, anything can be availed from the comfort of your home at affordable rates.

Service Cost      
Nail Polish Application (Hands)AED 20                                                                    
Nail Polish Application (Feet)AED 20
Nail Polish Application (Combo)   AED 30
Nail Polish RemovalAED 15
Gel Polish Removal (Hands)AED 35
Gel Polish Removal (Feet)AED 35
Gel Polish Removal (Combo)AED 60


You use your hands and feet for different tasks throughout the day, hence they deserve to be taken care of the most. So, if for whatever reason you have been avoiding getting a mani pedi, this is your cue to book an at home nail appointment in Abu Dhabi now. 

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