How Much Does Cockroach Pest Control in Dubai Cost?

cockroach pest control dubai price

Cockroach pest control services are absolutely necessary in Dubai if your house is infested by cockroaches. These nasty pests can hide away in the most unexpected places in your home causing damage to your belongings. If not taken care of timely, cockroaches multiply rapidly and may spread diseases.  

If you’re going through a cockroach infestation, book a cockroach treatment now! You can start by looking for cockroach pest control Dubai prices and hire professional cockroach exterminators as per your budget.Β 

Cockroach Pest Control Dubai Price for an Apartment

The cost of the pest control service varies according to the size of the apartment and the number of rooms to be cleaned.

StudioAED 156.45
1 BedroomAED 187.95
2 BedroomAED 208.95
3 BedroomAED 240.45
4 BedroomAED 261.45
5 BedroomAED 313.95

Disclaimer: The prices mentioned are an estimate and are subject to change.

Cost of Cockroach Pest Control Services for a Villa

Given the severity of the infestation, the charges of hiring a cockroach pest control service for a villa depend on its size.

2 BedroomAED 261.45
3 BedroomAED 313.95
4 BedroomAED 366.45
5 BedroomAED 418.95

Factors Affecting the CostΒ 

Apart from the size of the villa or apartment, some other factors to take into consideration when searching for the cost of pest control for cockroaches include:

  • Size 

The cost of service increases as per the size of the area that requires treatment. A bigger house and area provides more nestling ground for the cockroaches. Hence, the treatment would require more time to seek out all the hidden nests and hideouts in order to eliminate them. Whereas, smaller homes are relatively easier to handle and carry out pest control quickly and efficiently. 

  • Method of Treatment

The treatment method to be used to get rid of the pests in your house also determines the total cost of the service. There are typically four types of treatment methods: spray, bait and trap, fumigation, and gel treatment. 

Some of these treatments may cost less. However, at times one visit does not clear the infestation and may require multiple visits from the service provider. In that case, a cheaper treatment will turn into a money sink in the long run. Therefore, going for an expensive treatment may be better as it is more effective. 

  • Frequency of Treatment

Sometimes the infestation is quite extensive and may require multiple visits by the service provider to ensure that the infestation has been fully eliminated. Some clients prefer routine maintenance check-ups which affect the cost of the service as well. 

Professionals usually arrive at your location to examine the severity. A high severity scale may require multiple treatments, more effort, and time adding to the overall cost.

  • Location

The location of your house is a prime factor in determining the total cost. This is so because it includes the travel fees and fuel charges. If the professionals travel out of town to provide you with the service, the overall cost will increase as more time will be required for the treatment and to travel back and forth. Moreover, these charges also differ if the location of your house is more prone to pest infestations compared to others. 


Cockroach infestation is real and can wreak havoc if not treated in time. While the cost of cockroach pest control of certain service providers might be high, the results will make it worth it. It is essential that you do some research and hire experts to do the job. After all, it is your home.

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