How Much Does It Cost to Clean a Carpet in Dubai?

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Living in Dubai and having a busy life may not leave you with much time for deep carpet cleaning. You probably only vacuum your carpeting. However, over time, this practice will make your carpets lose their original fullness and softness. Dust and stains can permanently damage your carpets. Eventually, you will be left with no choice but to discard them. Therefore, you should get your carpets deep cleaned and sanitized by professionals offering carpet cleaning in Dubai. Keep in mind that the carpet cleaning price varies depending on the size and number of carpets so, make sure you talk to them first and book a service accordingly. 

Cost of Carpet Cleaning in Dubai

Irrespective of whether you require shampoo cleaning or steam cleaning, generally, the price starts from AED 150. 

  • Steam Cleaning

Carpets not only collect and trap dust, but also sticky stains like food, and bacteria or allergens in the air. In such cases, steam cleaning is the best solution especially if you have a delicate carpet. Steam cleaning is also a good option for dense carpets that take a long time to dry. 

The cost of steam cleaning is charged at AED 25 per square meter. Below are some of the charges starting from the minimum cost, and increasing with the area of your carpet.

6 Square MetersAED 150
7 Square MetersAED 175
8 Square MetersAED 200
9 Square MetersAED 225
10 Square MetersAED 250
  • Shampoo Cleaning

Shampoo cleaning is ideal for getting rid of bad odor, tough stains, dirt, and grime. Shampoo penetrates deep within the carpet fibers to kill germs as well. Moreover, the high-powered vacuum cleaning that follows extracts all the moisture out of the carpet to leave it clean and almost dry. The cost of shampoo cleaning is charged at AED 15 per square meter. The below-mentioned charges start from the minimum charge and increase as per the size of your carpet. 

10 Square MetersAED 150
11 Square MetersAED 165
12 Square MetersAED 180
13 Square MetersAED 195
14 Square MetersAED 210

Factors Affecting the Carpet Cleaning Price

While carpets are a significant part of a home interior, they are also one of the dirtiest. All the germs and dirt from shoes, food and beverage spills, dirt from pets, and allergens in the air are collected in your carpet. These can cause breathing problems or air pollution inside the house. Hence, it is worth spending on a reliable carpet cleaning service. Deep cleaning not only improves the hygiene of the carpets but also keeps them looking fresh and new.

There are various factors that affect the price of carpet cleaning in Dubai. While the number of carpets does matter, it also depends on the size of the carpet and the technique required to clean it. 

  • Size

The service charges majorly depend on the size of your carpet. Cleaners usually measure the area of your carpet in square meters and finalize the charges. Prices increase per square meter. Hence, the bigger the carpet, the higher the cost. 

  • Number of Carpets

Whether all the carpets in your house require cleaning or just one, you can let the service providers know so they bring supplies and staff accordingly. The cost increases with the number of carpets. 

  • Cleaning Technique

You can choose shampoo or steam cleaning according to the requirements of your carpet. When you hire cleaners, they usually inspect the material and stains of the carpet first and then let you know which cleaning method may best suit your rug. 

Steam cleaning usually kills bacteria, germs, dust, mites, and fungus. It is great to dissolve any sticky substances like chewing gum, wax, and glue, that are otherwise hard to remove. Moreover, this method is also suitable for delicate materials. 

Shampoo cleaning, on the other hand, helps get rid of stains, dirt, and smell. This is done using professional fabric shampoo and a high-powered vacuum. 


While it may seem convenient to just brush off the dirt from your carpet, the air pollution caused by it is not worth it. When you hire professionals for this service, you’ll be shocked by the type of germs and dirt stuck deep within. Therefore, watching them clean up is quite therapeutic. If you have no idea about the carpet cleaning price, be sure to check a few websites and compare the rates.

You can visit ServiceMarket and book a carpet cleaning service in Dubai now. All you need to do is mention the number of carpets and type of cleaning you require on a specific day and their team will take care of the rest for you! 

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