How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Makeup Done at Home in Dubai

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Getting glammed up from the comfort of your home in Dubai is a big convenience. Thanks to various companies, you can get the entire luxury salon at home experience in just a few steps. 

There might be a million tasks at home that make it impossible for you to perfect that winged liner before stepping out. In such situations, getting luxury salon service for makeup at home could be the perfect solution. But before you book a luxury salon service for makeup at home, let’s take a look at the cost.

Cost per Luxury Salon Service for Makeup

The cost of luxury makeup services may differ according to your preferred type of service.

No-Makeup Makeup

If you’re looking to get a makeup look done for a day event, this is exactly what you should opt for. With a total cost of AED 650, you can get a natural makeup look in neutral shades.

Glam Makeup

You might want to glam up a bit for a fancy soirée. The Glam Makeup in AED 750 would be the perfect option to get your makeup done just as you want it.

Extra Glam Makeup

If you want to get that extra oomph, opting for the extra glam makeup look is your best bet. In AED 850, you can flaunt a dramatic look for any wedding or party.

Day Makeup and Hair

With the day makeup and hair package, you can avail both a daytime natural make up look along with simple hairstyling service in AED 900.

Glam Makeup and Hair

To moderately glam up for that evening event you’ve been looking forward to, book a glam make up and hair package for AED 1000.

Extra Glam Makeup and Hair

Sometimes you just feel like glamming up a bit extra with a bold look. In such cases, choose the extra glam makeup and hair package for AED 1100.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Makeup Services

According to the event you’re going to, you may be looking to get a simple makeup look, or you may want your hair styled as well. Below are the factors that may affect the total cost of services.

Type of Service

From natural makeup services to extra glam, the costs increase with the type of service you choose. Since extra glam looks require more effort and product, they usually come in the upper tier of the price bracket. The look you choose totally depends on the type of event you are going to.

Number of Services

While some people may only require makeup services, others may need help with their hair too. In such cases, clients have the option of choosing hair and makeup packages together for a slightly higher price. 

Number of People

Getting ready with your friends or family is way more fun than doing it all alone. You can gather your girls and get dolled up together, and can book services for as many people as you want according to the company’s capacity. But do note that the total cost will increase with each additional person.


The traffic and long commute in Dubai could make a trip to a salon seem like a task. If you would like to avoid the entire hassle, get your makeup done right in the comfort of your home.

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