How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Nails Done in Dubai

best nails service at home in Dubai

Among the many personal grooming services offered in Dubai, nails at home stand out as a popular choice. From basic manicures to intricate nail art, the best nails service at home in Dubai covers it all.  

If you are curious about the cost of getting your nails done, this guide will provide you with valuable insights, allowing you to make informed decisions about your beauty regimen.

Cost of Nail Services in Dubai

Dubai offers a diverse range of nail services, catering to different preferences and styles. From basic manicures and pedicures to intricate nail art and specialty treatments, the options are extensive. The cost of these services varies depending on the complexity and duration of the treatment. Here is a breakdown of each service:

Type of ServiceCost
Classic ManicureAED 80
Classic PedicureAED 80
Classic Mani Pedi ComboAED 150
French ManicureAED 90
French PedicureAED 90
French Mani Pedi ComboAED 170
Gel Manicure – With RemovalAED 190
Gel Manicure – Without RemovalAED 120
Gel Pedicure – With RemovalAED 190
Gel Pedicure – Without RemovalAED 120
Gel Mani Pedi Combo – With RemovalAED 340
Gel Mani Pedi Combo – Without RemovalAED 220
Manicure (Kids)AED 50
Pedicure (Kids)AED 50
Mani Pedi (Kids Under 10)AED 90
Trim & File Nails (Hands)AED 39
Trim & File Nails (Feet)AED 39
Trim & File Nails (Combo)AED 70
Nail Polish Application (Hands)AED 20
Nail Polish Application (Feet)AED 20
Nail Polish Application (Combo)AED 30
Nail Polish RemovalAED 15
Gel Polish Removal (Hands)AED 35
Gel Polish Removal (Feet)AED 35
Gel Polish Removal (Combo)AED 60

Factors Influencing Nail Care Costs

As clients seek the perfect balance between quality and cost, understanding the factors influencing pricing is essential for making informed choices in the pursuit of impeccable nail care. Several factors contribute to the varying costs of nail at home services:

Service Type

The cost of getting your nails done at home in Dubai varies based on the services you choose. Basic services such as a classic manicure or pedicure will be more budget-friendly compared to intricate designs, gel polish applications, or nail extensions. Each service has its own time and material requirements, influencing the overall cost.

Salon Reputation

The reputation of the salon plays a significant role in determining the cost of nail services. High-end salons with experienced technicians and premium products may charge higher prices compared to smaller, local establishments.


Dubai is a city of neighborhoods, each with its own charm and price range. Salons in upscale areas such as Downtown Dubai or Jumeirah may have higher operating costs, influencing the overall pricing of their services.

Expertise of the Nail Technicians

Dubai is known for its high standards of quality and service. When opting for at-home nail services, you are paying not only for the convenience but also for the expertise and professionalism of the nail technician. Experienced technicians may charge a higher fee, but the assurance of a skillful and polished result often justifies the cost.

Quality of Products

The quality of products used during nail care services is a key cost factor. Salons in Dubai that use premium brands and high-quality products may charge more for their services. Clients typically value the longevity and overall health of their nails, making the use of superior products a worthwhile investment.

Additional Services

Some salons offer additional services as part of their nail care packages, such as hand or foot massages, paraffin treatments, or customized spa experiences. These added luxuries contribute to the overall cost, but can significantly enhance the overall experience for clients seeking a comprehensive pampering session.

Tips for Budgeting Your Nail Care Expenses

While the allure of luxurious nail services in Dubai is undeniable, it’s essential to strike a balance between pampering yourself and managing your budget. Here are some tips for budgeting your nail care expenses:

Research and Compare

Before booking an appointment, research different salons and compare their prices.  Look for reviews and testimonials to gauge the quality of services offered. This can help you find a balance between cost and quality.

Consider Package Deals

Many salons in Dubai offer package deals for multiple services. Consider bundling services like manicures, pedicures, and other treatments to take advantage of potential discounts.

Regular Maintenance

Regularly maintaining your nails can be a cost-effective strategy. Simple maintenance services may be more affordable than extensive treatments required to rectify neglected nails.

Special Promotions and Loyalty Programs

Keep an eye out for special promotions and loyalty programs offered by salons. Many establishments provide discounts or complimentary services for repeat customers, helping you save on your overall beauty expenses.

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