How Much Does It Cost to Repair or Install an Appliance in Dubai?

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In Dubai, most of the indoor spaces are fully equipped with electric appliances. That is why the demand for home appliance repair and installation services is also high. However, the cost of labor is not cheap and may vary depending on the complexity of the job. For example, the cost would be higher if you want to get your washing machine repaired in Dubai as compared to basic oven repair. Therefore, before choosing a service for complex issues like washing machine repair, you need to understand the costs associated with repairing or installing all sorts of appliances. 

The Cost of Installation and Repairs in Dubai

You can book a home appliance repair and installation service in Dubai, starting at only AED 129 per hour. The base charge is exclusive of VAT. If the work takes less than 60 minutes, the minimum charge can go down to AED 99 plus VAT. The total cost of the repair or installation will be dependent on the number of hours it takes to complete the job. Before officially beginning repair or maintenance, the team will have to visit the location for a general inspection, and the cost for that will be separate. 

The base cost is standard for all, regardless of the brand and type of the appliance. To get a price quote you will be required to fill in details regarding your required service, your address, and the date you need the service. You will be given a price quote along with the option to make payment, followed by confirmation of your service booking.

Repair Costs 

Costs will vary depending on the severity of the problem at hand. Regular repairs such as maintenance and minor fixes will be relatively cheaper. Intermediate repairs that are more complex, like fridge repair, would require more time and components, in turn increasing costs. Lastly, major repairs might need extensive work and specialized technicians, which could increase the overall cost. 

Installation Costs

Basic kinds of installations that require no connection or modification tend to be relatively cheaper. On the other hand, integrating appliances into your kitchen or home may incur a much higher cost as the area will have to be adjusted for the appliance first. 

Factors Influencing the Cost

The following are the factors that influence installation or repair costs:

Nature of the Problem

Minor issues like glass breakage on a washing machine may require less time and in turn lower costs. On the other hand, a damaged refrigerator compressor is a complex issue, requiring more time and hence, more costs. Moreover, the availability and price of spare parts also affect the total cost.  

Type of Appliance

In the case of basic appliances such as microwaves, ovens, or dishwasher repair in Dubai, the cost tends to be lower when compared to complicated appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, or air conditioners. A major reason is that basic applications require less time and expertise.

Age of the Appliance

If the appliance is new, the warranty will cover any repair costs. However, for old appliances, extensive repairs may be required because of the usage time as well as no warranty cover. In cases of really old appliances, it may be hard to acquire spare parts, too. 

Experience of the Technician

Naturally, if you are going for a highly skilled technician, charges will also be higher. However, if a basic technician is called in for minor repairs and installations, then costs will also remain at a base level. 


Repairs and installations incur costs, but these are necessary investments without which the functionality and durability of your appliances may be compromised. 

Book a washing machine repair, an air conditioner installation, or anything in between at ServiceMarket. Make sure to go through the entire process and charges before confirming your booking.  

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