How Much Is AC Maintenance in Dubai?

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The weather in Dubai is generally hot and humid, and thus, air conditioners are frequently used. Therefore regular AC maintenance is pertinent to ensure your AC functions properly. Ultimately, it also helps avoid larger repair and replacement costs.

AC maintenance should be done at least once every six months (depending on your usage and affordability). This blog informs you about the cost of AC maintenance in Dubai and the factors affecting the prices. 

What Is Included In AC Maintenance? 

AC maintenance experts perform full inspections and cleaning of your air conditioner. The main parts of the service include:


AC cleaners wash the air filters, rinse the condenser fins, and scrub any molds and dust that build up inside. They also wipe off dust and debris from the condenser and evaporator coil, completely sanitizing your AC ducts. Additionally, they clean fans and check for tube leakage. 


Repair services include using professional and advanced tools to identify faulty parts and restore your units back to working condition. 


AC installation is a complex project, and only skilled and experienced professionals should handle this task for a secure setup. They have the standard tools and they ensure proper wiring and positioning. Moreover, experts adhere to safety standards and regulations. 

Cost of AC Maintenance and Factors Affecting It

The general cost of AC maintenance in Dubai is listed in the table below.

Regular AC Cleaning AED 179
AC Duct Cleaning & Sanitization AED 550
AC Deep Coil CleaningAED 700
AC Repair AED 150
AC InstallationAED 150

The prices mentioned above are tentative and may vary due to several factors, including:

Type of Service

There are different types of AC services, including repair, routine, and installation, and the service you need impacts the cost of AC maintenance. 

Type of the Unit 

Types of air conditioners include central, window, ductless, floor mounted, etc., which can affect the cost of maintenance. 

Years of Usage 

Sometimes, air conditioners are too old and require extensive cleaning and repair with advanced tools, which can cost extra. 

Size of the Unit 

Larger and more complex AC systems will require more experienced labor and time and will cost more. Especially the ones in commercial settings with multiple electrical connections and compressors. 


People often wait till their air conditioners stop working completely to get maintenance. When this happens, minor issues may turn into costly problems. 


Some maintenance companies raise their prices in hotter weather, as AC maintenance is in high demand during that season. So it is recommended to get it done before that.  

Why You Should Never Skip on Regular AC Maintenance 

Most people consider AC maintenance unnecessary because why repair something that is not even broken? However, regular AC cleaning and maintenance are critical for their optimal performance and durability. Here are some of the benefits of keeping them well maintained:. 

Efficient Cooling 

When air filters are clogged and filled with dust, it hinders the normal flow of air. The evaporator coil absorbs heat, but when dust accumulates in the coils, the cooling is severely impacted. 

Clean Air 

Air conditioners also enable clean and healthy air circulation in your house. When a unit gets dirty, germs, mold, and bacteria start accumulating, contaminating the air. This can cause respiratory issues such as infections, and asthma. 


Any machine can experience wear and tear from regular use. If you do not properly care for them, their performance could be impacted. It is important to call experts occasionally to ensure that your air conditioner is in good condition. 

Cost Effective 

When you do not get proper service for your air conditioners, it can cause some components to malfunction, and their repair cost might be way more than the cleaning service. Moreover, such problems can cause your unit to consume more electricity and significantly increase your electricity bills. 


Regular AC maintenance is necessary, especially in Dubai with its never-ending summers. So set a budget aside, but remember that the cost charged by professionals may vary due to the type of service you need, such as AC cleaning, repair, and installation. For expert AC maintenance Dubai, visit ServiceMarket and get the best deals.  

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