How Often Should You Hire Cleaners in Dubai?

How Often Should You Hire Cleaners in Dubai

Now that you’ve hired a cleaning company in Dubai or are in the process of hiring one, you need to decide how often they should come around. To clear all your confusions, the cleaning experts at ServiceMarket have outlined below the few factors you need to consider when determining how often to get your house cleaned:

Family Size

It is important to consider how big or small your family is. If you have several kids and/or pets, chances of a messier and dirtier house are higher. Hence, a house cleaning at least once a week makes sense. On the other hand, if it’s just the two of you and no pets, you can easily opt for the cleaning company’s services every other week.

House Size

Secondly, how often you should get your house cleaned also depends on the size of your property. A studio or one-bed apartment is easier to keep tidy so bi-weekly cleaning sounds ideal, and can even be stretched to once-a-month, depending on your lifestyle. But bigger houses with multiple bedrooms, incidentally often linked to families with more members, mean your cleaners should come over more regularly, as it would be harder to maintain on your own.

Your Budget

Your finances also play a significant role in this. If you’re trying to save money, you can opt for a once-every-two-weeks or once-a-month cleaning rather than weekly, while doing some daily tidying up yourself. However, it is important to remember that cleaning companies in Dubai offer long-term cleaning contracts as well. This means that when you sign up with them for an extended period, you can get a cheaper overall rate while getting the same cleaners (also meaning you don’t have to keep explaining where you keep all your cleaning equipment and your cleaning preferences).

When thinking about money, think about the opportunity cost of hiring regular cleaners as well. When your house is clean, you gain the time that you would have otherwise spent cleaning (and worrying about it) and freedom to do some other productive activity.

Your Lifestyle & Preferences

Are you a busy professional with lots of personal and work commitments or a stay-at-home mom who has her hands full looking after her lovely kids? Are you usually fretting about cleaning the house? Do you get the time to tidy up? Do you want a house that is clean and organized all the time or can you live with a little mess? How you answer these questions can help you determine how often to get your house cleaned. In most of these scenarios, it would be recommended to have the cleaners come by every week.

Special Circumstances

Sometimes, you might want to increase the frequency with which you get your house cleaned. For example, if you are expecting guests soon, calling in your cleaning company before they come and after they leave is often a good idea. Similarly, you can book cleaning services in Dubai for before and after the holiday season so you can enjoy the time with family and friends without worrying about cleaning. During the summer, if you have kids who are off from school, the house is probably going to be messier. So increasing the frequency can help you cope better. If you’re going on vacation, you can cancel the weekly cleanings and arrange the cleaners to come just before you’re back so you come back to a clean home. In other words, some special circumstances might call for less or extra cleaning, and you can adjust the schedule with your cleaning company accordingly.

Don’t Forgo Occasional Deep Cleaning

Regular or simple house cleaning means you’re probably leaving out some things around the house. Scheduling a deep cleaning of the house at least twice a year is a good idea. This is when your cleaners can tackle things like cleaning inside the oven, the fridge, the vents, etc. and give the whole house a comprehensive scrubbing.

In conclusion, when you factor in all these things, a weekly cleaning is a usually a reasonable option, which you can tailor to suit your needs as and when required. The bonus is that once you hire aΒ cleaning company in Dubai that you require, then you can be away and still have a clean house. Β Β 

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