How to Be Cautious of Doctor on Call Scammers in Dubai

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The convenience of getting a check-up by a doctor at home has become increasingly popular, especially in cities like Dubai. However, with the rise of this convenient service comes the unfortunate reality of scammers taking advantage of unsuspecting individuals seeking immediate medical assistance. Therefore, it is crucial to exercise caution and diligence when you book a doctor home visit to ensure your safety and well-being. Explore key steps to be cautious of doctor on call scammers through this blog. 

Verify the DHA License Number

The first step in ensuring the authenticity of a doctor on call service is to verify the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) license number of the company providing the service. All legitimate healthcare providers have to display their DHA license number on their official website. So before engaging with any service, thoroughly examine the website and ensure that the license number is prominently featured. If it is not visible, do not hesitate to contact the company and request their DHA license number. A trustworthy and transparent service provider will readily provide this information to establish their legitimacy.

Request the Doctor’s License Number

In addition to verifying the company’s credentials, it is equally important to confirm the license number of the on-call doctor. All genuine healthcare professionals in Dubai are registered with the Dubai Health Regulation Department (DHRD) with their license details easily accessible. Before availing the services of a doctor on call, inquire about the doctor’s license number and cross-verify it with the DHRD database. This ensures that the healthcare professional attending to you is qualified, authorized, and adheres to the highest standards of medical practice.

Research the Company’s Reputation

Before engaging with any doctor on call service, take the time to research and assess the reputation of the company. Reputable and reliable companies have a track record of providing quality healthcare services. This information can be found through online reviews, testimonials, and recommendations. Search for reviews on independent platforms and social media to gauge the experiences of previous clients. The lack of credible reviews or an abundance of negative feedback should be treated as warning signs, prompting you to explore alternative options.

Cross-Check the Information

Scammers are adept at creating the illusion of legitimacy, often by fabricating details or mimicking genuine service providers. Cross-verify the information provided on the company’s website with other reputable sources. Ensure that the DHA license number matches the official records, and cross-reference the doctor’s license information with the relevant authorities. This additional step adds an extra layer of security, reducing the risk of falling victim to fraudulent practices.

Be Wary of Unusually Low Prices

While competitive pricing is a normal aspect of the market, unusually low prices for on-call doctor services may indicate a scam. Scammers typically lure individuals with exceptionally low prices to attract a larger audience. Prioritize quality and legitimacy over cost, and be cautious if a service provider’s pricing seems too good to be true. Legitimate medical professionals and companies adhere to standard industry rates, and significant deviations should be scrutinized.

Contact the DHA for Verification

If you have any doubts or concerns about the legitimacy of a doctor on call service in Dubai, do not hesitate to contact the Dubai Health Authority directly. The DHA can provide you with accurate and up-to-date information about licensed healthcare service providers and practitioners. It is better to invest a few moments in verifying credentials than to risk your health and well-being by engaging in a potential scam.

Contact Information and Physical Address

Legitimate businesses provide clear and accurate contact information, including a physical address. Scammers work in a way that makes it extremely challenging to track them down. Before engaging with a doctor on call service, verify that the company’s contact details are legitimate and functional. Additionally, confirm the physical address of the service provider, as a reputable company will have a physical presence that aligns with their online information.

Scrutinize the Website

Scammers often create sophisticated websites to deceive unsuspecting individuals. Scrutinizing the details on the service provider’s website is imperative in identifying potential red flags. Look for spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and inconsistencies in information. Legitimate companies invest in professional web development and content creation, ensuring a polished and error-free online presence. If the website appears unprofessional or contains suspicious elements, exercise caution before proceeding with the doctor on call service.

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