How to find a Full-Time Maid in Dubai

looking for a full time maid in Dubai

Having a full-time maid is necessary to keep up with the fast-paced life of Dubai. A professional maid is trained to manage household chores and workload efficiently. If you’re looking for a full-time maid in Dubai, we suggest you do your research first.   

Hiring maids comes with a lot of added responsibility. You can only leave your house in the care of someone you can trust. So, when you hire a full-time maid in Dubai, make sure you do so through a reliable agency or contact.Β 

Methods for Looking for a Full-Time Maid in Dubai

If you’re juggling work and house chores together, hiring full-time maids will be a lifesaver for you. While most people wish to look for maids, not all are familiar with the entire process; the rules and regulations of hiring and sponsoring maids. 

There are 2 methods of employing maids in Dubai.

1. Local Advertisement

You can look for full-time maids yourself but it might be an arduous task. Checking out local advertisements like the classified sections of newspapers, supermarket notice boards, or on websites might help you find maids looking for jobs. However that may take time, and there’s no guarantee you’ll find a suitable match as per your requirements.  

2. Hire Through an Agency

Hiring through an agency is one of the most popular ways in Dubai. Reliable agencies provide you with a number of options for full-time maids. You can shortlist the ones who are suitable and meet your requirements. This method is safer and more convenient since these maids are thoroughly screened, and vetted. If you want to sponsor a maid, many agencies take care of the entire sponsorship process which is often very lengthy, time-consuming, and complex. However, they’ll charge an additional fee to help with the sponsorship.

Sponsor a Full-Time Maid

You can sponsor a full-time maid in Dubai through Tadbeer service centers introduced by the government. These centers are made to provide you with a  number of services including recruitment, visa services, entry processing, training, sponsorship, free replacement, and medical checks. 

Most families prefer hiring live-in maids as they can help around with house chores throughout the day and also help with babysitting. However, you have to keep a check and balance of their activities since their passport remains in the sponsor’s custody. 

To sponsor a full-time maid, you need to follow a lengthy process. 

Entry Permit

You would need to get an entry permit for the maid to enter the country. To apply for one, a relevant form, required documents, and a refundable deposit must be submitted to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs. The documents include the sponsor’s passport copy, salary certificate, attested tenancy contract, helper’s passport, passport size photos, and application for helper’s visa. The deposit made for the entry permit is refunded to the sponsor once the maid is no longer in your employment and leaves the country. Keep in mind that your house must have a minimum of two bedrooms with a separate bathroom for the maid. 

Maid’s Residence Visa

You usually have one month to apply for the maid’s residence visa, fitness report, and Emirates ID once they enter the country. Get an authorized typist to type out the required form and submit it to GDRFA. The form needs to be submitted along with the salary certificate, stamped entry permit, labor contract, helper’s passport size photo, helper’s passport, sponsor’s passport copy, and a deposit sticker. 

Medical Fitness Results

A medical test is necessary and should be done within 30 days of the maid’s entry into the country by visiting a medical center. These tests mainly include HIV, pregnancy, blood tests, syphilis, TB, and a chest x-ray. The results are then electronically sent to DNRD.

Emirates ID ApplicationΒ 

After the medical tests have been completed, the ID application forms are typed and submitted to the Emirates ID center. Consequently, the maid’s fingerprints, photos, and eye scans are taken. 


Looking for a full-time maid in Dubai by yourself can be very exhausting. Managing numerous documents and carrying out interviews to choose the best fit is not everyone’s piece of cake. So we suggest you let an agency take care of this for you. 

Begin your search for a full-time maid by going to a reliable company like ServiceMarket since they are experienced and can easily handle visas and other documentation processes for you. Visit their website now and choose the service according to your requirements and budget.Β Β Β 

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