How to Maintain a Pest Free Home After Pest Control in Sharjah

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Pest control in Sharjah is rather simple and most homeowners get this service done professionally before moving into their new homes. Once you book a pest control company in Sharjah, they take care of everything for you so that you don’t have to worry about much. But once the experts are out, it is on you to maintain it and make sure the house stays pest-free. If you don’t know how to do this, don’t worry! This article is going to discuss a few pest control tips. So, read on!

8 Pest Control Tips to Keep Your Home in Sharjah Free from Insects

Since pest control does a great job of making your house free of nasty creatures, you don’t have to do much in that regard. However, making sure that the house stays that way is a huge responsibility. Here are some tips to help you do your part of the job:

#1. Keep The House Dry and Clean

Damp, humid, and dirty areas attract pests and rodents like a moth to a flame. This is why you need to make sure that every part of the house is dry and clean. You should make a cleaning routine and stick to it. Sweep and vacuum every day and wipe all the countertops to make sure there’s no water accumulated anywhere. Dirty rugs, carpets, and curtains should be taken care of immediately. They should be clean and dry as well. Dust the windows and corners of the house; they’re the most notorious for holding water and dirt! If you do all this, the chances of pests attacking your home again would drop significantly.

#2. Save Food Items in Airtight Containers

All spices, herbs, and groceries should be put away in airtight containers. Nothing should be out in the open. If you keep your food uncovered, this will invite pests. Leftover food should be kept away as well, which includes uneaten dog food and treats. It is also best to avoid eating in random places in the house. Keep food contained to the dining area and the kitchen. Food particles sprinkled around the house can provide resources for insects living in your home. If they get a continuous supply, they will make a permanent home under a rug or in a kitchen cabinet.

#3. Clean the Cupboards and Cabinets

An important part of keeping the house pest-free is making sure that all nooks and corners, especially the covered ones, are clean and proper. Since cupboards and cabinets have doors, it can get dark and humid inside, providing ideal situations for insects to survive. Hence, it is vital that you take care of these places and make sure that they are clean at all times. Dust and wipe these areas daily. Also, don’t put any wet or damp dishes in the cupboard. You should dry them with a towel first and then put them up.

#4. Seal Cracks, Holes, and Openings

A small crack or a hole is the last thing you want to find after pest control. This is because pests can easily use these openings to make their way into your home. Therefore, it is strongly suggested to seal them to prevent pesky bugs or rodents from entering your house. While you are at it, don’t forget to do a full house and backyard check for ways that pests can enter the home.

#5. Cover Trash and Dispose Waste Regularly

Trash is like dessert for pests. So, naturally, you don’t want it in your house. It is impossible to keep your house trash-free all the time, but you can make sure that you get rid of the waste regularly. As long as it is inside your house, cover the trash can with a lid so that it is not exposed. Then, whenever you can, throw it out in an appropriate place.

#6. Take Care of the Lawn

When talking about house cleaning, most people forget about the outdoor area and only focus on the indoor places. Be smart and make sure your garden and lawn are also a part of your cleaning routine. Be regular at mowing, raking, and trimming shrubs and trees. Make sure the garden hoses are off and there’s no leak anywhere. Accumulated water can become a resource for pests and invite them over.

#7. Deep Clean Every Month

After pest control treatment, you must take care of every little corner of the house. However, it is not practically possible for homeowners to clean every corner every day. Hence, deep cleaning should be a bi-monthly or a monthly ritual. You must thoroughly clean the stove, the microwave, and other appliances. This is only going to save your home from being invaded by pests.

#8. Avoid Hoarding Cardboard Boxes

If you are habitual of storing your belongings in cardboard boxes, it is time to drop that habit. These boxes can attract cockroaches and other pests. These roaches can easily hide in there and chew through your items like candy. Rotting wet cardboard is what the cockroaches like the most. Hence, it is advised to get rid of the cardboard boxes. If you absolutely need to use them, make sure that they are not a lot in number.


By using the right pest control tips, it is relatively simple to maintain your house once the experts are done. Just keep the house clean, dry, and make sure there are no hidden spots for the little things to populate. In case you still haven’t hired pest control professionals in Sharjah, do so before you move in. In this regard, ServiceMarket can help you connect with the best professionals in your area, so you don’t have to worry about anything!

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