Who Should You Inform About Your Relocation to Dubai?

We know that you are incredibly excited and nervous about moving to the city of your dreams halfway around the world to further your career, but don’t forget to tie up the loose ends in your current country of residence. Besides hiring a relocation company in Dubai to help you with your move, you need to know who to inform about your relocation. ServiceMarket has compiled a list of companies and people you need to notify about your relocation to Dubai.

Bank and credit card companies

Remember to inform your local bank about your move. You will also need to check if they have a branch in the country you are moving to. If they don’t, this is a good time to switch banks. You can also set up direct debit for any payments that you will be making after you have moved. If you don’t inform your bank and credit card companies, you might have issues transferring money back home and making payments with your cards after you have moved.

Home insurance companies

If you are a tenant, you need to cancel your home contents and personal belongings home insurance policy. As you search for a good shipping company in Dubai, ask about the extent and rate of insurance coverage so your belongings are covered as they are shipped. If you are selling your house, contact your home insurance company to cancel coverage for your property. However, if instead of selling, you are renting your house out, remember to talk to your home insurance agent about switching to a landlord insurance policy. Read our article on how to save on home insurance for landlords.

Local offices

Every country has different rules, check with your local register and tax offices about what information they may need about your move such as your new address and employment information. Also, don’t forget to inform your local post office that you are leaving and set up a mail re-routing service.

Utilities and subscriptions

Inform your utility companies about your relocation so they can cancel all your contracts. If, however, you are renting your house out, remember to get the name on the bills changed. Also, cancel all subscriptions with magazine, newspaper, TV, internet and mobile network companies. You don’t want to keep getting billed for services you are no longer using.


Inform your children’s school about the upcoming move and ask for their help in preparing an education portfolio. Call up the new school and ask about what information they will need from you. Here are some tips on how to help your kids settle in a new school after relocating.

Doctors and vets

Inform your general physician, optician and dentist that you are relocating. Get prescriptions for any medicines you will be carrying with you as you cross borders. You should also ask for your medical records. Don’t forget about getting medical records of your pet as well. Visit the veterinarian and get your pet vaccinated and microchipped as per UAE requirements.

As you notify the appropriate companies and authorities about your move, you will begin to feel a sense of wrapping things up in your current country of residence. It will help reduce relocation anxiety and make the transition to Dubai a bit easier. To make sure that your move goes smoothly, browse reviews for international movers in Dubai on ServiceMarket and get free quotes.

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