5 Interesting Facts about Carpet Cleaning in Doha

Carpet cleaning in Doha

Investing in a good carpet is an easy way to add comfort and personality to your Doha home. After you’ve invested in a carpet, you should also take proper care of it, without which it can quickly become dirty and harbor germs. ServiceMarket has compiled a list of facts on carpets so that you can appreciate the benefits of hiring professional carpet cleaning services in Doha.Β 

Fact #1

Bacteria can live in a carpet for months. So don’t abide by the 5 second food rule, especially if you drop a snack on a carpet.

Fact #2

Carpets can hold up to four times their own weight in dust. That’s why it’s important to hire professional carpet cleaners in Doha to properly get rid of all the dust that’s been accumulating.Β 

Fact #3

Norovirus can live in a dirty carpet for up to a month. The virus causes stomach flu and a variety of other ailments. Steam cleaning is an effective way to get rid of it.Β Β 

Fact #4

You’ve probably heard of bed bugs before, but you might not have known how much they love hiding in carpets. Call a pest control company immediately if you think you have bed bugs in your carpets.

Fact #5

If you keep your carpets clean and well-maintained, the air quality in your home improves. Carpets can quickly gather dirt, pet hair, dead skin cells, insects, bacteria and mold. Cleaning them regularly prevents these allergens from being released into your home’s air.Β Β 

Preserve your investment and make your home more hygienic by booking a carpet cleaning service in Doha through ServiceMarket now!Β 

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