Men’s Home Salon Services You Can Get in Abu Dhabi

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One of the major hassles for men is taking time out of their busy work routine and going for a haircut. In such a scenario, getting services from a men’s salon at home in Abu Dhabi has made grooming facilities more accessible and convenient. 

With a haircut home service in Abu Dhabi, you can ask for a range of salon services. You can get haircuts, beard trimming or a shave, dyes, facials, waxing, and massages. Thanks to the convenience, the popularity of salon at home in Abu Dhabi has increased immensely. 

Haircut Home Service in Abu Dhabi: What to Expect?

A common concern among men who go to a barber shop in Abu Dhabi is if these are any good. Rest assured, these services are quite good and reliable. Only the best professionals are sent to your homes. Instead of going through the busy city traffic and waiting in lines you can relax and get your best look without even leaving your home. 

Here are some of the major services you can avail. 

Haircut and Trim

Overgrown hair look messy and disheveled after a time. Keep your hair neat and tidy by getting men’s salon at-home services. Whether you need a new haircut or a trim, you can tell your barber. An added advantage is that you get undivided attention whereas, at a salon, a barber can get distracted by other customers.  

Hair and Beard Dye  

For gray hair coverage, you need to color your hair at least once a month if not twice. If you miss your visit, the gray hair in your beard and hair makes them look rough and untidy. Now there’s another way to look your best. If you can’t seem to make time for a salon visit, simply get a professional to come to your home.

Full and Partial Body Wax

Do you need body wax, but you cannot make time to go to a salon? No worries, let the professionals come to you! That’s exactly what salon at-home services offer. 

Waxing on your own at home can be very painful. Further, it can even cause irritation on the skin. So, it is best to get body wax done from a pro. Since it is done at your house, you get complete privacy as an added perk. 


Abu Dhabi’s excessive heat and pollution can take a toll on your skin. So, getting a facial occasionally can make your skin look fresh and radiant. A good facial can remove the layer of dead skin cells, unclog pores, moisturize, and remove excessive oil. 

An esthetician from a home service salon in Abu Dhabi can give you a facial without you having to go out. Whether it is a deep cleansing facial or any other type of facial, these experts can cater to your needs. 


After a week of exhausting work, one of the best ways to relieve tiredness is by getting a massage. You don’t have to physically go to the salon for these services. Instead, get a spa-like experience at home. Recover your energy with a classic Deep Tissue massage by an expert. All it takes is a few taps to secure a booking.

Manicure and Pedicure

Your hands and feet have to go through a lot daily. They can get dry over time. Many get cracked heels which is quite painful. So, it is essential to include mani and Pedi treatments in your routine which is quite possible now because you can get these services at your desired location. The manicurists and pedicurists bring all the necessary equipment to your place. So hurry, book a mani-pedi now!


Why take a long commute through the city and then wait for your turn at a salon to get grooming services, when they can come to you! Now you can get complete spa-like services or a simple haircut home service in Abu Dhabi at your location. Just book your desired service from a men’s salon at home in Abu Dhabi on ServiceMarket. 

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