These 5 Tips Can Help with Your Relocation to Another Country with a Different Climate

Moving to a different climate can be a major adjustment. Whether you are moving from Dubai to a cooler temperature, higher humidity, or gaining altitude, it is important to prepare for this transition. The experts at TransOn (Removals Division of Manchester Shipping) and ServiceMarket have collaborated to bring you these simple tips which will help you acclimate quickly.

1) Do your research

By now you have likely researched your new city well. As you gather information on schools, housing, and cost of living, don’t neglect the weather. It is not enough to know if it will be hot or cold in your new city. Get the details. For example, California is famous for its beaches and summers, but northern California can be quite cool even in the summer. You can’t pack away those jackets and sweaters. Familiarize yourself with the eccentricities of your new area. Find out whether it is likely to be dry, humid, or wet etc. and prepare accordingly. 

2) Buy appropriate attire and gear

Now that you know what weather to expect, you can buy appropriate clothes. If you are moving to a hotter or more humid climate, invest in cool cotton fabrics. Likewise, get those warm layers for cold temperatures. Take just a few weather appropriate clothes and save most of the shopping for your new city. The local shops might be much better stocked. Consider making a budget since, depending on where you are moving, you will also need new household items like bed sheets, duvets, leaf blowers, or rain gear etc.

3) Donate or store clothes 

Packing and moving your belongings, especially long distance, can be expensive. Go through your wardrobe and household items and set aside items you won’t need or use. Donate lightly used items to one of many Dubai charities that collect clothes, shoes, and household goods. You can also pack up some of your clothes and leave them in storage if you are planning to use them in the future. 

4) Consult a local realtor

If you are moving to a cold climate, you will need to invest in a heating system. Your home is your sanctuary, and it’s great to come back to a warm house when the temperature outside is freezing. For frigid weather, the house should be well insulated so you can optimize the heating. A well insulated house is also more energy efficient. Consult a local realtor before renting or buying to make sure your house is well prepared against the elements. 

5) Make lifestyle changes 

Adapt to your new climate by making lifestyle changes. For dry and hot weather, make sure you stay hydrated and put on plenty of sunscreen. If you are a runner, choose a cooler time, preferably early in the morning or evenings. Likewise, in frigid temperatures, wear layers and remember to keep your hands and feet warm. Driving on ice can be challenging, so be sure to Invest in gear that can help keep you safe on the road. 

Use these tips and tricks and you will soon be handling your new environment like a local! To get there, hire one of the best international movers and packers in Dubai like TransOn (Removals Division of Manchester Shipping) through ServiceMarket.

TransOn, the Removal Division of Manchester LLC, is a complete logistics solutions provider with IAM accreditation that specializes in offering high quality door-to-door removal services. If you’re moving from Middle East to Africa or Asia or Europe or to the USA or any country in the world, they’ll be able to provide services to ensure smooth transition to your new location.

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