Nail Colors in Trend This Season in Sharjah

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Polished or nicely manicured nails are always in style in Sharjah and around the world. Ladies can get women’s salon at home services for simple nail application to even sophisticated nail art. Bold colors, sunshine-filled shades, matte black, cherry-inspired hues, and similar other colors are in trend this season.   

Whether you love elaborate nail art, a simple manicure, or a single polish, the nail services in Sharjah have something for everyone. If you are into nail art or particular about keeping up with nail trends, it helps to check what colors are trending so that you can book nail and beauty services at home in Sharjah accordingly. 

Now let’s explore what nail colors are in this season to take your nail game to another level! 

Most In-Demand Nail Colors from Nail Services in Sharjah

Keep scrolling to find your next mani-pedi or nail color inspiration:

1: Sand 

Most In-Demand Nail Colors

Though it looks like beige, it’s a nude shade that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. The undertones include custard and grey mist. Sand nails don’t just look sophisticated, they also help create a minimalistic appeal. Plus, it is so versatile you can wear it in any environment. The sand shade also goes well with tan and olive skin. In fact, it’s a flattering shade on everyone.

2: Powder Pink

Most In-Demand Nail Colors

Dusty pink nails are a timeless option! They are perfect for both casual and formal occasions. The delicate and soft pink appearance makes this shade fall in the family of pastels. It’s again one of those nail colors that go with any skin tone. Don’t be afraid to book nails home service in Sharjah to get dusty pink nails. They also look nice on all nail lengths.

3: White

Most In-Demand Nail Colors Sharjah

White is a color that will never go out of style. Shades of white easily match anything you wear. The color is quite flattering and suits all skin tones. It’s a color you can wear to both casual and formal events. 

When it comes to choosing white, you must be careful how you wear this hue. Since white nails make a statement, sometimes, you have to downplay it a bit by applying one coat only or choosing something subtle like white French tips.

4: Creamy Blue

Most popular Nail Colors

Blue has stayed in trend for so long that it has become the new black. Go for a lighter and versatile midnight blue shade. As you look for acrylic nails home service near you to get a manicure in this creamy shade, make sure you ask for a soft hue and a powdered finishing. Creamy blue will give a lift to your boring office outfits too and is a great color choice. 

5: Soft Red

Most popular Nail Colors 2022

Style charts of fall were full of juicy red. This bright and bold color sure looks delicious. However, for times when you want to tone things down a bit, soft red is the ultimate choice.

It looks as mouthwatering as any darker shade of red. You can even wear a red shade of lipstick with soft red nails. By the way, soft red works equally well on long and short nails. 

6: Light Grey

popular Nail Colors in Sharjah

The most understated hue of the season, this frosty color looks graceful in a matte finish. You may call it the washed-out grey. Don’t be afraid to pick light grey for a business meeting or even for your wedding. To add a sense of drama, you can always add black tailoring or match another color for a timeless appeal.

7: Pastel Yellow

popular Nail Colors in Sharjah

Soft yellow is the color of the season and is a classic and groundbreaking choice! Bright neons are not for everyone but a pastel shade like this is easy to carry and it goes with most outfits. You can also experiment by adding 3D embellishments on top.

8: Mint Green

popular Nail Colors in Sharjah

Nail experts have predicted that mint green manicures will be all the rage this season. It’s a refreshing shade indeed. Don’t be afraid to wear it solo after an at-home pedicure. This sea-like mint green shade is bright enough to make your nails appear fresh (and photogenic) but pastely enough to look neutral. It’s a versatile winter shade that almost anyone can pull off. It’s also a nice choice for spring and summer. 

9: Metallic Shade

popular Nail Colors in Sharjah

This season’s nail color trends aren’t just about neutrals and pastels, metallic shades have secured a spot too. For ideas, you can always steal one of Beyonce’s looks. Metallics are all about glitz and glamour so reserve this color for a fancy event, maybe?

10: Tropical Green

top Nail Colors in Sharjah

Add a darker matte green mani to your list because tropical green has made it to the list of trending nail colors as well. It’s a perfect shade to add a statement to the usual boring everyday looks. 


These soft and dazzling shades sure are a fun way to pull off a strong nail game. So, check with nail services in Sharjah to make sure they have your desired colors. 

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