15 Odd Jobs You Can Hire Someone Else to Do

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Let’s be frank, there are some tasks around that house that you wish someone else will take care of, perhaps because you don’t have the time or the tools, or even because you just don’t feel like DIY-ing. Thankfully, you can always hire a good maintenance company in Doha. You may think that a handyman will only do specific repair jobs. However, a professional Doha handyman can help you with a wide variety of odd tasks:

Hanging Things on Your Walls

If you live alone or you’re just not good with a hammer, then the odds are that you will need some help hanging something up in your house every now and again. A good handyman will help you hang up mirrors, paintings, and pictures evenly and without damaging your walls.

Furniture Assembly

If you live in Doha, odds are you that will buy or have bought some IKEA furniture. While it may seem like a breeze to put together the furniture when you see it in the store, it is a lot harder to do when you get home. IKEA does offer a service where they can install and assemble the furniture for you. However, the installation service may become a bit expensive depending on how much furniture you buy. A maintenance company in Doha will be able to send in experts to assemble your furniture and install it safely in your home in no time and at a good price.

Installing Your Television

When you spend a few thousand Riyals on a new TV, you probably don’t want to damage it! You can try installing your brand new purchase on a wall yourself, but you will be risking having your television fall and shatter if you don’t do the job correctly. Hire a professional to do the job right.

Yard Work

A lot of Doha handymen will be willing to do some of the heavy-duty yard work you won’t be able to do.

Fix A Broken Window

A good handyman will be able to find you replacement glass and install it for you to fix a broken window in your Doha home in no time. You won’t have to run around to make purchases yourself.

Hanging Curtains

Probably one of the most annoying thing about redecorating your home is having to install all the new items you buy. Hanging curtains can be quite the challenge and maybe even a little bit dangerous. It is better to hire a good handyman to do the job so that you aren’t left with a crooked curtain rod or accidentally injure yourself or your family.

Fence Work

If you have a loose board in your fence or a crack in your concrete wall, it would actually be better for you to hire someone familiar with such work to do fix it for you.

Putting Up Shelves

If you need a few shelves put up around your house and you aren’t sure how to do it or how to do it correctly, then you can book a local handyman to do it for you while you spend that time on more important things like reading a book to your children, practicing yoga or preparing a fantastic dinner for yourself.

Remodeling Kitchens and Bathrooms

If you are doing some minor remodelling for your kitchen and bathroom, then you can get the help of a handyman company in Doha for the job. Their handymen can uninstall and reinstall cabinets, remove and install faucets and do other small renovations jobs.

Minor Plumbing Repairs

If you need the toilet changed or the sink unplugged then you can book a handyman for these little plumbing jobs. Anything major, however, would require the skills and expertise of a plumber.

Door Installation

If you are redecorating your home or have damaged one of your doors and need a replacement, you can book an appointment with a handyman. The handyman will be able to find you an alternative if you need one found and will install it for you.


Caulk is used to seal things like the edges of windows, sinks, and tiling. You can do the job yourself, of course, but a good Doha handyman will do the job without leaving the area looking messy.

Changing Light Bulbs and Fixtures

You may have some burnt out light bulbs still hanging from the ceiling that you aren’t sure how to reach. You may also have some lighting fixtures you want to update. Luckily, you don’t need an electrician for these tasks. Just ask your handyman to change them for you and he will be glad to oblige.


If you need some wallpaper either taken down or put up in your home, you can hire one of the many great Doha handymen to do it for you.


Do you need some tiles removed in your bathroom or kitchen? Do you need new flooring installed afterwards? A great handyman has the skills to extract and re tile your floors without damaging your home. Β A handyman is basically a Jack of all trades, even though some might have more experience with a certain job than others.

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