How to Prepare Your Dubai Home for a Pest Control Treatment

Pest control in Dubai

While your pest control company in Dubai will come equipped with all the necessary equipment, pesticides and use the right methods to get rid of the pests, there are some steps you can also take to make the treatment more effective. Did you know that a lack of preparation at the end of the homeowner can cause delays, hassles, and even put up hurdles in the process? Be sure to have a discussion with your pest control company to make sure you can get your home ready for the treatment before they arrive. The exact preparations depend on the type of infestation you are facing, but this guide by ServiceMarket lists some of the common steps you may have to take.

Make sure your home is clean and tidy

It’s important to properly clean and declutter your home before the treatment as doing so helps with the success of the treatment by ensuring that the pests are only attracted to the bait the technicians have set up and there are very few places where they can hide. Be sure to empty out all the trash cans too.

Lock away your food

First, you need to make sure that none of the chemicals used in the pest control treatment get into your food. So, as you prepare your house for the treatment, you need to properly store your food and utensils. Doing so is also important as food is one of the main things that attract pests and can divert them away from the bait.

Protect young children and pets

Be sure to let your pest control company know if you are pregnant or have kids and pests, and ask them how long, if required, you need to stay away from the home. Seal away your children’s toys, bedding and clothing so that they are not exposed to any chemicals. Cover any fish tanks in the vicinity and also ensure that your pet’s food is sealed and their food bowl is locked away.

Repair your home

Consider hiring a handyman in Dubai to seal up all cracks and holes around the house, fix any leaks, and drain stagnant water. You need to take this step to make sure that no pests enter you home after the treatment.

After the pest control treatment has been carried out, you need to make sure that there is no reoccurrence of the infestation, so keep your home clean and tidy and consider signing up for an annual pest control contract. This way, your home will remain pest-free all year round. To make sure that the treatment is effective and only safe chemicals are used in the process, you should consider booking a pest control service in Dubai through ServiceMarket, which only lists vetted companies.

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