Popular Salon at Home Services Around the Holiday Season in Dubai

Home service salon in Dubai

Whether you require a fresh manicure right before this new year’s eve party in Dubai, or you want to unwind after the festivities, booking salon-at-home services is your ultimate solution. Amidst all the neverending tasks of the holiday season, getting ready and taking out time for yourself may seem impossible. This is exactly where a home service salon in Dubai comes in handy.  

The tiring events call for some extra pampering, so book salon home services now! 

What to Expect from a Home Service Salon in Dubai 

To be able to get salon services in the comfort of your home is so convenient. Below are various services can you avail including:

Hair Services

If you’re getting late for a party and your hair needs to be blow-dried or styled, don’t fret. You now have the option of leaving this task up to the professionals. From cutting, blow drying, and ironing, to styling, dying, and even trimming, everything is within your reach! You just need to explain the type of hairstyle, cut, or color you want and sit back while the professionals work their magic. Given the number of parties and dinners, this is one of the most common services demanded by clients around the holiday season.

Manicures and Pedicures

Mani pedis have never been more convenient and relaxing! Whether you want to get your nails in perfect shape and painted for an event or you want to relax and unwind after one, the ease of getting a mani-pedi session at home is unmatched. The best thing is that these services are not only limited to adults. While you sit in your favorite chair with your hands and feet soaked in water, your tween can enjoy the same right next to you!


That instant glow you may want on Christmas dinner can be difficult to maneuver by yourself especially if you don’t have the time. But since facials are a vital part of skincare, you should think about getting a home service instead of delaying it. People usually opt for general cleansing or herbal facials around the holiday season to get their skin ready for everyday makeup looks. 


You must be quite familiar with the exhaustion that comes right after the festivities finish. All the work, cooking, and socializing definitely takes a toll on your body so getting a massage could be helpful to unwind. There are a number of massages to choose from. These include hand, foot, back, shoulder, and neck massages along with body scrubs. The convenience of getting these done at home is the ultimate way to relax, and revive your strength. 

Waxing and Threading

That last-minute panic when you realize you can’t wear your favorite dress because you forgot to wax is very common. To avoid such a situation, it is recommended that you get waxing and threading services at home especially when you can’t visit a salon. This saves traveling time and more importantly you can shower and get rid of the sticky residue as soon as you’re done.

Moreover, since not everyone is good at getting their eyebrows in the perfect arch shape they desire, salon-at-home services come in handy.

This is also why this service is among the most booked services throughout the holiday season.  


You can go for a simple henna design on your hands or go all out and adorn your arms and feet with intricate henna patterns. Whatever your heart desires, or the occasion demands, you can have it all at home. 

With holiday season comes numerous weddings. While wedding preparations are fun, you don’t get time to apply henna yourself. But that doesn’t mean you forgo it. Now you can easily call in professionals and get beautiful henna artwork in the least amount of time.


Like food delivery and cleaning services, you now have the option of getting impeccable salon services at home too. Visit ServiceMarket and book a home service salon in Dubai with professionally trained beauticians at your convenience!

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