Tips to Prepare Your Dubai Home for Carpet Cleaning

Tips to Prepare Your Dubai Home for Carpet Cleaning

If you have got young children and pets running around your Dubai home or you simply enjoy entertaining a lot of guests, it may be time for you to book a carpet cleaning service in Dubai through ServiceMarket. With professional carpet cleaning services, you can make you carpets smell and look like new in no time. It will also give your home a crisp fresh feel. After you book a professional carpet cleaning service, make sure to get your home ready for the cleaning appointment by following these steps:

1. Declutter Your Dubai Home

The best thing you can do for your cleaners in Dubai is to declutter your house and tidy up before they arrive. Anything you leave on the floor that would need to be moved by them to get the cleaning done counts as clutter. Think about things like laundry baskets, chairs, side tables, flower pots, and toys. The cleaners will likely be the ones moving big pieces of furniture such as your couches, but you can make this task easier for them by removing cushions off of the couches. On top of removing any items on the floor, think about any breakables around your home. The cleaners will be using equipment with lots of hoses and wires and they could potentially be knocking items down. If it is breakable than try to put it away.

2. Make arrangements for your kids and pets

Carpet cleaning professionals will be lugging around heavy equipment with long hoses. They will also be cleaning your carpet using techniques that require the carpet not to be walked on for at least a few hours after the cleaning. Having your kids and pets around the carpet cleaners while they are working can be a safety hazard. Having pets running around can trip the professionals or cause them to drop equipment. Your kids could also trip over the equipment and get hurt. To avoid a painful experience, hire a pet sitter and babysitter to take care of your family outside of the home while the cleaners get their work done.

3. Find a Good Parking Space

Carpet cleaning professionals have a lot of heavy equipment and some of the equipment may be tied to their truck. The cleaners might need to park their truck close to your front door for the time that they are in your home. Free up a good parking space for them ahead of time so that they can start their job as soon as possible.

4. Find Your Tough Stains

Before the professionals arrive, take a quick look around your house. Find all the spots that need extra care and attention and point them out to the carpet cleaners when they arrive. The cleaners will definitely appreciate knowing where to focus before they start. If you point these areas out after the fact, the cleaner might not be so happy with your request.

Remember to keep your carpet cleaning professionals happy and have snacks and beverages in the kitchen ready when they arrive. To find the best carpet cleaning company in Dubai and to read real customer reviews visit ServiceMarket.

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