Pest Control 101: 5 Signs That You Have a Rodent Problem in Your Abu Dhabi Home or Workplace

Pest control services in Abu Dhabi to tackle rat infestations

If anyone ever sees a rodent in their home or office, panic and chaos are sure to follow. The first step is to call a pest control company in Abu Dhabi to sort out the problem. There are countless options when it comes to hiring professionals for this purpose, but the most important factor to consider is how quickly they can start, since you don’t want the problem spreading or getting worse. Before you hire a pest control company through ServiceMarket, however, you need to be sure that you actually have a rodent problem.

What are the signs?

Here’s what to look out for if you suspect a rodent problem in your Abu Dhabi home or business:

  1. Droppings. Whether they are old or new, you should immediately call in pest control when you see them. The old droppings will be dry and will crumble when picked up, while the new ones are dark. Typically, they are found near food cupboards, where the rodents would likely be nesting.
  2. Bite marks are a serious indication of a rodent problem in your home or office. If there are small bite marks, that means it’s a mouse infestation; however, larger marks means rats are living in your space. Take note of the color of the marks when calling the pest control company in Abu Dhabi, so they will know what they’re dealing with.
  3. Luckily, smells can warn you of a rodent problem before it gets too serious. You’re also doubly in luck if you own a pet, because animals can usually pick up on scents long before humans can. If your pet is sniffing around a corner of the house it’s not usually found in, be prepared for the idea that you might be dealing with rats and mice.
  4. If you’d like to do some investigating of your own, pour some flour onto the area where you suspect there to be a rat nest. Check on it after some time for tracks made by the rodents. If you find footprints on the flour, you’re also likely to find urine and droppings, confirming the rodents are present.
  5. There is a difference between seeing rodents during the day or at night. If you spot a rat or mouse during the day, it usually means there’s only one of them and they can be removed with bait or traps. However, seeing the rodents after the sun has set means they’re residents in your home. That would be the ideal time to call a pest control company in Abu Dhabi.

If you have noticed these signs, head over to ServiceMarket immediately to book a pest control company in Abu Dhabi to come in and deal with the infestation.

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