5 of the Coolest Smart Home Technologies You Can Buy Today

Coolest Smart Home Technologies

Technology has advanced so far in this era that it’s hard to keep track with the latest innovations without getting confused. When you’re trying to make things easier for yourself at home, you’re likely to have trouble in deciding what you really want and whether it’s actually available. If you need help, ServiceMarket can point you in the right direction with these cool smart home technologies that you can buy today.

Hue Lights

We’re sure we’ve all had those moments when the lights were either too bright for a classy look to your bedroom or not bright enough for your living room. Consider that eye-aching problem solved with Phillips Hue Lights. These lights not only control the on, off and dimming but also help in adjusting and controlling the hue of the light for the required ambiance. So if you want that perfect lighting for your anniversary candle-light dinner, drop the candles and go for Hue Lights instead!

Smart Locks

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. With the Goji Smart Lock, you can rest assured that your safety is with the right tech. The Smart Lock isn’t just called that for show – it’s incredibly ingenious as it keeps logs on who goes in and out. And if your kids are in their rebellious phase and have been caught sneaking out after curfew a lot more than you’d like, you can dish out some righteous justice by adding restrictions for after hours. Sorry, kids, but it’s for your safety!

Smart Fridge

Have you ever thought what it would be like if your smart-phone and a fridge merged? Well, while you weren’t even thinking about it, LG and Samsung made it happen. These Smart Fridges provide you with numerous services that are made possible with the handy tablet that comes with the refrigerator. So if you want to easily manage your groceries and know when you’re running out of milk or what product is expired or about to run out, you’re all set. It also allows you to send pictures to your families and friends as well as manage schedules. Moreover, it provides you with recipes and can even send a notification to your oven to preheat.

Smart Home Protection

You can always find ways to improve your home, one of which is to get Smart Home Protection. This neat tech provides you with access to smart cameras that can zoom into individual faces so if you ever face an emergency where you need to know who is by your door, you can know. Apart from that, the smart smoke alarm helps to protect your home from any serious fires by sending a notification to your phone to alert you. But It doesn’t stop there: it also incorporates an alarm and thermostat that connects with your conditioning to maintain your home’s temperature so it’s never too hot, never too cold and you don’t have to manually change the settings to get the right temperature.

Voice Control

You can say we’re getting closer to what the main character had in Her. Now you can integrate all your devices with voice control and this is possible through Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo, Samsung Smart Home Hub and Google Home. They also come with the option to sync with several other appliances. So if you ever want to know what the weather is tomorrow, need a bedtime story or something to give you a good laugh, consider it done. Moreover, it’s voice activated and can easily sync with your smartphone to update all those important dates on your calendar, notify you and much more!

And there you have it! We hope that this list has taken away the confusion of what to get for your home and pointed you toward some very interesting and helpful smart home techs. If you need help setting up any of your smart home equipment, remember you can easily book a handyman on ServiceMarket to take care of it for you.

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