The Basics of Setting up a Home Theater in Dubai

Setting up a Home Theater in Dubai

A true movie buff won’t feel complete without a proper home theater at home. There’s no better feeling than coming home after a long day, and snuggling up on the sofa with your family to watch a movie. Setting up a home theater might seem like a daunting task as first – after all, it involves multiple systems, complicated arrangements and some technical know-how. But once you learn about some of the basic things that need to be considered, you can accomplish it easily. Comfortably sail through the process of setting up a home theater by following these tips:

Figure out the right screen size

Bigger is better, right? Well, not always. It depends on the size of your room and how far away from it you plan to sit. As a rule of thumb, the distance between your TV and couch should be roughly one and a half to two and a half times the screen size. For example, if it’s a 35 inch TV screen, then you should sit 4.5 to 7.5 feet away from it.

Other things to consider while choosing a TV

The next factor you should consider is resolution. The higher, the better, since resolution determines the picture quality. If you already have a big screen TV but want better colors and clarity, then consider getting one with a higher resolution instead. Another factor you should keep in mind is the lighting in your room – you need bright screens for bright rooms. The final key factor you should keep in mind is connectivity. Get a Smart TV if you plan to stream movies, TV shows and music videos directly from the Internet. Β 

Sounds systems really matter

The sound system you buy for your home theatre is almost as important as the TV. While simple sound bars can do the trick of creating surround sound for small rooms, people with big rooms need more speakers and subwoofers. It’s always a good idea to draw a rough sketch to figure out where you’ll place the speakers in your room. Surround sound systems usually come with a manual that tells you the location, height and angle for each speaker.

Make your life easier with a home theater receiver

Be sure to buy a home theater receiver which will make it easier for you to integrate your TV and all speakers/subwoofers into one system and control them with a remote. Need help with connecting and hiding all the wires in your home theater? Book a handyman to do the job properly! You can also consider buying a wireless surround sound system, which are easier to set up.

Pick a video source

New that you’ve set up your home theater, figure out the best source of movies, TV shows and music videos. Here are some of the options:

    • OnDemand movies: Sign up for Etisalat’s OnDemand service and get instant access to thousands of movies in your home theater. You can even watch trailers to shortlist movies. A wide variety of 3D movies are also available.
    • eLifeON: It gives you access to over 200 TV channels as well as many movies series that can be viewed 24/7 on any smart device in the UAE. eLifeON even allows you to pause, rewind and record your favorite programs. You can get eLifeON without any extra cost with your Etisalat eLife subscription. Don’t have an Etisalat subscription yet? Now you can easily switch your provider.
    • DVD and Blu-Ray: If you plan to play movies on a DVD and Blu-Ray player, make sure you have a large collection of DVDs in your home theater to make it easier to pick a suitable movie when you friends and relatives visit. You can also consider signing up for a movie rental service.
    • Internet: A lot of people like to stream music videos directly from YouTube. Now Etisalat has made it possible for you to even steam thousands of movies and TV series. Make sure you have a SmartTV or a suitable device that enables you to do so.

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