Sofa Cleaning Services in Dubai: Shampoo vs Steam Cleaning

Professional sofa cleaning in Dubai

It’s that time of the year again when you need to get your couch professionally cleaned by an upholstery cleaning company in Dubai. Ready to get rid of those pesky stains, dust, and bacteria but can’t decide whether you should go for steam or shampoo cleaning? Unsure about the difference between the two options? Check out this comprehensive guide by ServiceMarket to get all your answers.

Why choose a shampoo cleaning service

This method is best for removing dirt and grime from heavily soiled upholstery. It uses a commercial-grade shampoo to loosen the dirt from the upholstery fibers and clean it out.

The cleaning company will brush the shampoo into the upholstery, either manually or with a cleaning machine. This generates a thick foamy lather that gets inside the upholstery and effectively loosens and cleans away the dirt. The shampoo is left on the upholstery for some time to allow it to absorb the dirt it has loosened up. The shampoo-dirt combination is then removed from the upholstery. This method gives your sofa a deep scrub and is extremely effective at removing stains. Professional cleaners know how to properly clean the upholstery without leaving any residue as it can become a hotspot for more dirt and grime.

Why choose a steam cleaning company

Steam cleaning is a highly effective form of sofa cleaning. This method uses a powerful vacuum and pump system and must be administered by professional sofa cleaning experts to get the best results.

Steam cleaning dislodges dirt by blasting hot steam through the sofa upholstery. Once the dirt has become dislodged, the accumulated dirt and water is vacuumed out by using a powerful industrial-grade vacuum cleaner. Besides dirt removal, this method is effective at removing mildew, microorganisms, allergens and mold. In addition, anything that has seeped in (coffee, water, soup, etc.) will be flushed out. Steam cleaning is safe to use on a wide range of sofa materials since there is no brushing involved. Consider getting in touch with a sofa cleaning company in Dubai for expert advice on which cleaning method is the best for your sofa. You can easily book a sofa cleaning service instantly through ServiceMarket or, if you have a special request, compare quotes from different companies and read customer reviews to choose the right service for your sofa.

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