Termites in Sharjah: How to Identify and Control Them

termites in Sharjah

One of the most recurring problems in households is subterranean termite infestation. These minute creatures often referred to as β€˜white ants’ are more active in warmer regions and so can show up at your house in Sharjah time and again. Therefore, to keep them at bay, you should get your space sprayed every once in a while. 

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Nonetheless, if you suspect that your house has already fallen prey to these tiny insects and are a bit skeptical then continue reading further as we’ve got you all covered. We’ve outlined the first signs of these catastrophic creatures just so that you are certain about their infestation and can take timely action against it.

First 5 Signs of Termites in Sharjah 

Termite Droppings 

Although subterranean termites use their droppings to make mud tubes, dry wood termites-also found in Sharjah-push the black powdery excretion out of their nests, leaving behind a signal for you to take action upon. These droppings termed as β€˜frass’ are almost similar to sawdust so beware!

Mud Tubes

Subterranean termites specifically create mud tubes out of the soil and their feces to commute from the ground to their food source. They provide them moisture and act as their haven. As these tubes are pretty visible and are made just along the base of the building, you should spot them early on; otherwise, they may damage the entire structure.

Hollow Sound upon Tapping the Wood

As these tiny bugs feed on the cellulose found in timber, the affected wooden area may appear blistered and sound hollow when you knock on it. These clever destructive beings may leave behind only a thin film of wood or paint, hogging all the material from within. So keep a lookout before it’s too late!

Cracked Paint and Warped Wood

If you observe cracks in your wooden walls or ceilings, look thoroughly for other signs as well. And take immediate action if an infestation is in process.

Moreover, while traveling through their mud tube via your doors and windows, these termites release moisture that may warp the wood, making it hard to function properly. More so, if you put in a lot of force to loosen it, it might fall off, dismantling the structure of the building. So be cautious of any colonies forming!

Presence of Swarms and their Wings

Once these bugs make a nest, the swarmers fly away in a group to find suitable mates and make new colonies. And in doing so, they leave behind their discarded wings in piles with the help of which you can identify that there is an infestation already happening around in your house somewhere.

How to Control Termite Infestation in Sharjah?

As they say, prevention is better than cure, you should try avoiding these destructive insects at all costs if you want the structure of your house intact.

Anti-Termite Treatment

Most of the UAE has now made pre-construction anti-termite treatment obligatory for any newly constructed buildings or houses. The soil on which the building is to stand is treated with pesticides, creating a barrier for these bugs.

However, if the space you live in is not treated already, make sure to termite-proof it by contacting the concerned authorities. They’ll inject the ground with the necessary chemicals that will prevent these uninformed guests from entering your premises.

Use Concrete Instead of Wood

As wood is prone to termite infestation, it’s better that you use more concrete while constructing your house. Even if you want the structure to have a hint of wood, ensure that it’s not touching the ground-a gap between the timber and soil will help a lot. Also, all your outdoor wooden surfaces should have a metal covering for protection.

Regular Pest Inspection

The warm climate of Sharjah is much more prone to termite infestation as termites are most active in humid weather conditions. Therefore, you should get your house inspected frequently to save yourself from any serious damage.

Final Takeaway 

Even after taking all the preventative measures, if you still suspect an infestation, look for the above-mentioned signs. And if you’re still uncertain, call in the professionals and let them do the grind. ServiceMarket has partnered with some of the most sought-after pest control companies in Sharjah. So head over to the forum and get your house inspected for any budding colonies and take timely action to eradicate them.

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