Tipping Beauty Technicians in Dubai

Beauty Technicians

When it comes to salon services in Dubai, tipping is a standard practice especially, if you’re calling a beautician to your home. In most cases, people who are frequent salon visitors as well as those who book home salon services in Dubai are aware of the mutually accepted tipping rates. However, for those of you who do not know, we’ve got you covered!

Tipping the Right Way

Every now and then, you’ll be fortunate enough to get that one talented beautician who would go the extra mile to glam you up or get you relaxed. It is important to reward their efforts to help encourage them to keep doing well. 

Tipping May Be Mandatory At Times

While there are no hard and fast rules stating that tipping is a must, it is definitely a widely appreciated gesture in Dubai. Tipping service providers and essential workers is a way to express your gratitude for the work that they do. Having said that, the amount you ought to tip relies on a number of variables, including the caliber, and attitude of the beautician, and the service you have availed. 

Tipping is a practice that is pretty common at places, to the point where the majority of service providers anticipate receiving tips from their clients. However, tipping is not considered traditional in some cultures, causing some people to find it awkward to accept tips. If you’re unsure, the best approach to deal with the situation is to ask the beautician. 

The Accepted Rate of Tipping 

As per general consensus and social norms, you can tip a beautician between 10% and 15% of the overall cost if you are only availing a single beauty service. The same rule can be applied if you are availing more than one service, offering 10-15% of the total bill. Although it is not explicitly mentioned that tipping is mandatory, it is typically expected during salon visits.

There is no harm in asking around to get a general idea regarding how much others in your social circle or community tip their service providers. By getting a general average regarding how much, you can get a more fair idea about what the ideal amount is.

Alternatively, you can even ask the particular service in question if they have a tipping policy or an established amount.

Quality Matters When Tipping Your Beautician    

One of the most crucial things to take into account before paying the beautician is the standard of their work. It’s always a good idea to give someone a hefty gratuity if you’re pleased with their services and the work they’ve done. 

On the other hand, if you’re not happy with their service, you might want to reduce the amount that you reward along with giving the salon service feedback regarding the beautician. In some cases where the service is provided in a highly dissatisfactory manner, it is acceptable to reward no tip so as to not encourage such behavior. 

Other Ways to Show Appreciation

Tipping is often anticipated by beauticians nowadays. Therefore, going the extra mile and rewarding them on special occasions is especially encouraging for them and really boosts morale.

Aside from tipping your service providers, you can always show your appreciation in different ways. For example, you could always reward them with gifts or money on occasions such as Eid, Christmas, Easter, and Diwali. Conversely, you can offer them drinks and snacks before or after you avail your service. 


If you’re availing salon services at home in Dubai, one thing you can bank upon is the fact that your beauticians are probably getting paid well by the companies they are hired by. Nevertheless, what you tip does add to their earnings besides motivating them to keep giving you quality services in future too. Therefore, it is always best to be generous when it comes to tipping.

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