Top 10 Handyman Services Every Homeowner Needs

Experienced Handyman Services

For any homeowner in Dubai, there are many things that a good handyman service can help with. From mounting televisions to complete home repair and renovation, these services can do it all for you, and save you from the hassle.   

Handymen are trained professionals with years of experience. So, the quality of work they deliver is significantly better than DIY projects. Also, hiring handyman services is more convenient, and results in quicker execution. The following are ten services you can avail:


A leaky pipe is an early sign of disaster that should be dealt with as soon as possible. Calling a plumber is the best course of action to avoid more complex problems like burst pipes. A plumber can tighten loose pipes, change worn out pipes, and ensure that all your taps work well. Besides repairs, you can also schedule plumbing maintenance to lower the chances of unwanted issues in the future. 

You can also get help with the repair of boilers and water heaters to have year-round access to hot showers.Β Β 

Electrical Work 

Electrical issues occur when you least expect them. However, you can stop stressing and call electrician services. Professional electricians can take care of all sorts of wiring issues; they can change worn-out wires, and sockets, fix fans, and lighting issues, and install electrical cabling or devices, which at times may also include circuit boards.

Remember that electric shock can be deadly. Minor fixes around the house like changing bulbs may be safe, however, complex fixes should be handled by professionals.  

Appliance Repair 

Repairing appliances is another thing electricians can help you with. Whether it is a faulty washing machine or a broken dishwasher, an electrician can fix it for you. Opening up appliances on your own can lead to more damage to your appliances if you do not have the right tools, and knowledge. So, it is something best left to experts. 

Appliance Installation

ACs and wall-mounted TVs require drilling holes and fixing brackets onto the walls before installation. Since AC units and TVs are usually heavy, their installation is quite challenging. Handyman services can assist you by offering safe and quick installations.

AC Maintenance

In the scorching heat of cities like Dubai, a functional air conditioning system is a must. But for that, your ACs have to be regularly serviced and well-maintained to get you through the season. From cleaning filters to small repairs, timely checks make sure that your air conditioning stays in optimal working condition.Β Β 


Weather conditions take a toll on a house’s exterior paint over time, which requires a fresh coat after a few seasons to give your house a brand new look again. A painter can also paint your interior walls if you want to try a new color, or if the old paint is peeling off from places. A painter can also help with fixes like filling cracks in your walls.

These experts take care to do the job without staining the furniture or floors. 


Squeaking doors and cabinets are annoying and signs that sooner or later you’ll need repairs. A carpenter can quickly fix them for you. In addition to repairs, you can also hire them for making new cabinets or shelves in the kitchen, or bathroom, installing door or window frames, wooden floors, or even decking.

Furniture Assembling 

Assembling beds, sofas, shelves, cabinets, and tables is another one of those chores that may not be easy if taken up as a DIY project. When you hire handymen, they come equipped with not only their experience but also the tools required for assembling or disassembling. You don’t need to invest in hammers, screwdrivers, and wrenches. Also, the process of assembling is a lot faster and stress-free with professional help.Β 


Losing your keys is never a good experience. A good thing is that you can contact a locksmith to open your car, home, and other locks. They also provide you with a replacement or duplicate key if needed. Other services include adding deadbolts on the doors, changing or fixing old doorknobs, installing a safe, and any added security systems for better home security.

Home Renovation

Handyman services can help you with the renovation and remodeling of your house. Based on the type of renovation you are looking for, a handyman can take on different tasks. For example, you can get help with changing curtains, installing blinds, or window shutters, adding new and stylish light fixtures, and even repainting walls.

These experts do remodeling of your home without damaging its structural integrity. So, you can easily change your home’s decor and theme by hiring expert handyman services. 


You can get professionals to come help you with anything; from everyday tasks to major repairs in your home. To get the best quality of service, it is important to only hire licensed experts. You can save big by hiring a maintenance company in Dubai from ServiceMarket. Compare multiple quotes and opt for the best service as per your needs and budget.

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