Top 7 Trendy Haircuts in Dubai

haircut in Dubai

Having a strong sense of style is important to stand out from others. Your haircut says a lot about your personality and your sense of style. So hurry and take your hair game up a notch by having a professional do your haircut in Dubai.

You can find a lot of stylists in the Emirate. They can easily change the way you look by giving you a great haircut. You can simply book salon services at home in Dubai instead of going out to a salon.

Time to Flaunt a Trendy Haircut in Dubai!

Sometimes, all it takes is a good haircut to make your personality shine. Hence, there is no surprise why many women are always on the lookout for the latest trends. If you are one of them, this article is for you! You will find seven of the best haircuts that you can get this summer to look extra ravishing. So, without any further ado, let’s begin:

#1. Short Wavy Bob

The bob haircut has picked up a lot of popularity as of late. Almost everyone is trying this style out. Wavy and bobs are a perfect match. This haircut will give you a unique style, bringing you to the center of attention. If you are looking to turn things up, you can try rocking a bob with full fringe. It will give you an edgy look.

#2. Blunt Cut

If you have thin hair, a blunt cut will look amazing on you. However, do note that this cut is for those who want to have a shorter style. The best thing about a blunt cut is that it will frame your face splendidly, making your facial features more prominent. As you may know, the masculine trend is gaining significant traction, this cut has that vibe. You can throw a feminine element into the mix by adding a few waves. This is not an easy look so don’t try it yourself, instead book a home service salon in Dubai.

#3. Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are in trend these days. This is mainly because they are low-maintenance and super versatile. They are long enough for you to grow or you can pin back if you feel like it. Moreover, you can get them cut into a shorter look. Another reason why this cut is getting a lot of popularity is because it can work well with almost all kinds of textures. You can get this haircut at home and wow everyone with your new look.

#4. Pixie Cut

If you are someone with thicker hair, you can nail short styles by adding textures and layers. A pixie cut is the right choice for you as the layers will take some of the weight from your locks, allowing your hair to flow and sit with ease.

#5. Asymmetrical Lob

If you seek an edgier haircut, you can’t go wrong with an asymmetrical lob. This style is really flattering. Plus, it is not as sharp as compared to other asymmetrical cuts since it is a long bob. You can grow out this particular cut without any worries. This season it is trending so those of you who can manage it should definitely go for an asymmetrical lob.

#6. Bangs

Bangs and short hair complement each other like bread and butter. So, why not go with this haircut and join the trend! Also, bangs don’t need much maintenance. Having bangs in short hair has its own perks. For example, this cut can highlight your facial features. Also, if you think short hair is making your face appear a little fuller, bangs will create a slimming illusion. This cut will make for a perfect party look as well. So, why not opt for a haircut at home service to get this style in time for the next event.

#7. Classic Lob

Women love to grow out their short hair. If you like doing the same, classic lob is a cut you can consider getting. This haircut will work well with softened layers. You can add a subtle fringe to have a chic look. If you like lobs, you can style it with a top knot. This is a killer combination that will get you all the spotlight. The lob is without a doubt one of the most important things to happen in the hair scene, and the top knot is the only style that looks cool enough to rival it. So, pairing them makes total sense. 


Style is not all about clothes and accessories. It is also about the haircut! In fact, some people consider a haircut to be an integral part of your personality. Fortunately, there are many qualified stylists in the Emirate. So, if you are in the city, it will be a good idea to get a haircut in Dubai. 

ServiceMarket can help you book salon service at home in Dubai. It doesn’t get better than this. So, take full advantage of this and get a nice hair makeover at home!   

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