Top Services in Dubai to Get from a Men’s Salon at Home

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The inability to head to a salon for a routine haircut, hair dye, shaving, and facial appointment during the pandemic was equally frustrating for men in Dubai as it was for women. The easy availability of services from a men’s salon at home has solved much of the problem! 

Though salons are open now, if you want to be extra cautious (because the COVID pandemic isn’t really completely over) or are too busy for self-care, it’s super convenient to bring a salon at home by booking the services you need. Wondering what your options are when it comes to men’s salon at home services for an indulging grooming and pampering session at home? Follow along.

Salon at Home for Men: What Services Can You Get?

There are some men’s grooming rituals you can’t take for granted. Salons understand that well and so, all grooming services are performed by experts even when booked at home. A team of friendly and professionally trained beauticians and technicians come to your place at your chosen time to deliver the highest quality of grooming services in your home’s comfortable environment. 

Some of the at-home salon services offered for men are: 

1: Hair Cut

To be honest, not everyone managed to nail those coronavirus hair cuts at home. Some men went bald while others just gave up and allowed their hair to grow. It’s a relief now that salons are open. But, some of us still end up missing our haircut appointments because of our busy schedules.

At-home salon services ensure you never miss your next hair appointment. Calling your barber for an at-home haircut is highly convenient!

2: Beard Grooming and Shaving 

A nicely groomed beard and mustache don’t just look professional but also keep skin problems and itching at bay. At-home salon services most definitely include beard shaping and trimming, a basic grooming service high in demand.

Whether it’s a routine trim or a beard and shaving treatment for a special occasion, a barber will come to your place to style you up.

3: Waxing

Waxing may be painful but it’s a great alternative to getting rid of unwanted facial and body hair. Waxing removes the hair from the roots and your skin stays smooth for a longer time. As a result, you don’t need to groom frequently. The treatment can last for 3 to 5 weeks!

A home waxing service ensures that your waxing needs are fulfilled in a private zone, making comfort the utmost priority. No need to look for a men’s salon near you for an in-person visit when you can book nose, ear, brow, and other body wax treatments at home. 

4: Facials and Massages 

Do you feel like your skin deserves special treatment? If so, an at-home facial might just be the thing you need! Generally, men have started to realize the importance of skincare and how investing in skincare can positively impact their overall well-being. 

You can get personalized facials based on your skin type, individual situation, and desired results. Besides facials, at-home massages are available as well. From deep tissue massage to aromatherapy, Swedish massage, and more, you will have extensive choices of massage therapy treatments for rejuvenating sessions at home.

5: Mani Pedi Treatments

Our hands and feet take a lot of abuse. Regular care and maintenance can keep them healthy and in good shape. Manicured hands and feet are important for both men and women.

From cutting and filing, to basic mani-pedi, paraffin dips, and exfoliating scrubs, book any manicure or pedicure service you need and get pampered without leaving your home. No need to worry about the equipment, these experts including the nail technicians visit your place with all the necessary tools. 


Why sit around in the salon’s waiting area when you can get the same treatment at home minus the wait! Salon at home treatments are more relaxed since you get the technician’s undivided attention and they don’t have to think about 10 other people waiting in line. 

Get groomed while reading a book, watching TV, or simply lounging in your sweat pants in a safe environment where no one can judge you. You will feel at ease instantly and enjoy your treatment even better. To find popular grooming treatments and book the men’s salon at home services you need, simply visit ServiceMarket!

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