Trending Hair Color and Styles in Abu Dhabi

Hair Color

Hair styling and dyeing trends are as fleeting as they are permanent – though their constant presence is always there the styles keep changing. A hair trend of today can be obsolete and totally out of fashion within a year in Abu Dhabi, which is for the best since no hairstyle or hair dye lasts forever. 

However, if you are looking to experiment with your hair on a regular basis, these are some of the most recent trends for you to draw inspiration from. Whether you like to go to the salon or get your hair services at home in Abu Dhabi, these are the looks trending today.

Hair Dyeing

If you are looking for a more lasting and drastic change than just a mere haircut or a pretty hairdo, dyeing your hair is the way to go for you. Dyed hair gives one’s personality a whole new dimension and facelift, making you look hot, fierce, attractive, and eye-catching.

Blue or Green

These are two of the most in shades among young people these days. In a gaggle of three or more girls, you would see at least one who has streaks of blue or green in her hair, or a complete head of blue or green hair. As neon shades once broke the hair dye trending charts, it is now blue and green hair’s moment to shine. These shades are considered edgy, cool, fun-loving, and funky, and have a very casually youthful vibe to them. 

Geode Shades

This is another very common phenomenon due to how in fashion this trend is across the charts. Whether it is furniture, clothes, makeup, nail art, bags, or your hair, geode colors are the talk of the town. This is inspired by and bears resemblance to geode crystals, meaning that it embodies the metallic and iridescent appeal of the various shades of blues, pinks, purples, and greens lining rock and mineral cavities. 

What sets geode hair apart is the unique color variation it brings to the table; like rocks, it is never one single color, but is a blend of many different ones. This is why, this hairstyle is only suitable for you if you enjoy experimenting with edgy fashion, and are not afraid to stand out or look different.

Unicorn Dye

Another style of hair coloring that mimics a spectrum of colors is unicorn-themed hair dye. It is a combination of many different colors that are closely associated with unicorns, such as purple, green, pink, blue, and yellow. Unlike geode shades, however, these are usually more pastel and mellow in terms of their hues.

The colors are usually so evenly and consistently distributed across the hair that you cannot even see a pattern, which is the beauty of unicorn hair – it always keeps you guessing and whatever shade you might see next is a surprise. It is a certified crowd puller, because, with so many shades of color in your hair, one of them is bound to catch the eye!

Shades of Red

Nothing says feisty fire sign or girl boss like a redhead. Today, red hair dye is making a huge comeback and is very much part of mainstream fashion once again. Whether it’s a full hair dye, lowlights, highlights, dip-dye, ombre, or just your bangs that are red, the color makes you look gorgeous, fierce, unique, and confident. If looks could kill, everybody would have a crown of bright or fiery red hair.

Hair Styling

Another kind of change you can bring to your look is revamping its style – this can be as simple as getting it straightened, curled, or blow-dried after a wash or as drastic a change as fully altering your cut. The best part of this is that it has far more range of choice when it comes to picking the level of change you’ll make, it feels less permanent and risky than hair dye, and is also far less damaging.

Curtain Bangs and Wolf Cuts

This style of haircut has made a comeback over the past year, which can be considered a combination of a mullet and a shag, but is typically longer. The best thing about curtain bangs is that because they part down the center, curtain bangs trim your face down, and make you look thinner. 

A High Pony or Knot

Tied hair is an evergreen summer season special, which can be found in tons of different styles. One of these is when the hair-tie binding the pony is concealed using strands of hair, to make it look neater. Another example is a knot or bun at the back of one’s head, around which a wreath of flowers is wrapped. Lastly, a messy bun is another timeless classic that can work for so many outfits and makes a statement every time.

If this guide has inspired you to get hair color services at home in Abu Dhabi, you can easily book your hair appointment on ServiceMarket and get your look changed in the comfort of your home!

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