Locksmiths in Dubai: Types of Services Offered

Locksmiths in Dubai

Since there are a number of different types of locksmith services in Dubai, it’s important to determine what type of service you need before hiring a locksmith. Typically, all locksmiths in Dubai will make keys for locks, install locks and repair them. The experts at ServiceMarket have put together this guide to help you choose the right locksmith.

Types of locksmiths in Dubai

The type of locksmith you choose depends on your particular circumstance at the time. Generally speaking, there are four main services offered by locksmiths in Dubai:

Residential Locksmith

The primary job of the residential locksmith is to repair or replace locks in your home. These locksmiths are able to work with any type of lock found in your home, from doors and windows to security gates and garages and the residential locksmith is who you would call out if there is an emergency and you find yourself locked out of your home in Dubai.

Often, in addition to providing services to individual clients, residential locksmiths will work with local housing authorities and developers on new houses, installing locks at and changing locks when there are new tenants on a property. Residential locksmiths also install security safes in the home.

Commercial Locksmith

These locksmiths deal with commercial and office buildings, garages and warehouses. Commercial buildings and offices need a more intricate system of protection and it is the job of the commercial locksmith to provide services for all areas related to the office, including internal security: doors, windows, safes, cabinets, etc. These specialists can even arrange the installation of panic bars and biometric and key card readers in specific rooms of the office. They typically provide full security solutions to ensure that a building is properly secure across multiple access points.

Automotive Locksmith

The automotive locksmith has a high level of expertise in working with various types of vehicles. If you get locked out of your car or your keys get damaged, these are the locksmiths to call. A professional automotive locksmith should be able to open up a variety of cars without damaging any of the existing systems or comprising the alarms, door locks or windows. Automotive locksmiths usually receive special training that needs to be continually updated with the changing security trends in motor vehicles.

Emergency Locksmith

The emergency locksmith is typically trained in all the above areas (or has hired people specializing in them). You will find that this locksmith is always ready for quick action and will have every tool on hand at short notice no matter what the emergency is. An emergency locksmith is available 24/7 for home, office or car emergencies and is a good one to have on speed dial.

Locksmiths in Dubai come with all sorts of specialties and specializations, so you will need to know which service you require before you head over to ServiceMarket to get a free quote.

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