Types of Online Maintenance Services for Your Dubai Home

Online maintenance services

Home maintenance is absolutely necessary to keep your property in Dubai in top condition and functional. From carpentry, and general handyman services, to AC repairs, and much more, you can avail them through online maintenance services.

If you require any minor or major fixes around the house, book a home maintenance company now before the situation gets out of hand.

Online Maintenance Services for Your Home

Before you book a company, make sure that you choose one that provides experienced workers. Moreover, read the reviews left by other customers and make your decision accordingly. Irrespective of the extent of the damage, you can book maintenance services for numerous different tasks, including:


Carpentry service is necessary to keep your home’s doors, floors, windows, cabinets, and stairs in pristine condition. As these are the most used components of your house, and so, require maintenance more frequently. Moreover, you might even be planning a big renovation or thinking about getting something custom-made, like a wooden console or something. Whatever the case may be when booking home maintenance services, know that carpentry service includes indoor as well as outdoor fixes.Β 

Upon booking the service, the professionals come equipped with their standard tools and carry out a thorough inspection of everything that needs fixing. They carry out the fixes there and then unless any spare parts are needed. In this case, the team requires another visit to complete the task.Β 

Water Tank Cleaning

To ensure the health of your family, it is important to pay attention to the things they consume daily. This includes the water they use to drink, bathe, wash, and even cook. It is crucial that they are provided with clean water, and you can ensure just that by regularly getting your water tank cleaned.

If left unchecked for long periods of time, grime, mold, bacteria, and sand may build up in your home’s water tank. Getting maintenance services for water tank cleaning at least twice a year will make sure that your tank is properly sanitized and cleaned. These services include complete drainage of the tank and deep scrubbing, along with sanitization of the tank’s interior. Furthermore, the service providers make sure any residue or bacteria is removed by ensuring complete disinfection. 


Plumbing issues also tend to occur frequently. These could include blocked toilets, burst pipes, clogged drains, or even leaky faucets. If not catered to timely, these plumbing issues can cause damage to your floors, rugs, and furniture and can even result in flooding. So, it is necessary that you get all the faucets and other plumbing elements checked on time. Professionals not only fix faulty components but also carry out thorough inspections for anything else that may require maintenance. 

Lock Fixing

If you’ve ever been locked out of your house or misplaced a key, you know exactly how important it is to get in touch with a locksmith immediately. Losing keys is a very common thing. Moreover, a lot of people have also been locked out of their homes because of keys breaking in the door locks. This is exactly where you require lock maintenance services.

The professionals can not only help you gain access to your house again, but can replicate keys, change and repair locks, fix car locks, and even install security cameras for you. 

AC Maintenance

In a city with weather conditions like that of Dubai, AC services are absolutely important. Whether your AC requires gas refilling, isn’t cooling properly, or is making noises, professional help is just a phone call away. Besides the general fixes, service providers can also help you with installing your air conditioning unit and cleaning it thoroughly. Make sure to get your AC serviced at least twice a year because having to go even a day without your AC can be unbearable in the hot weather of Dubai. 


You may have noticed that living in Dubai, you require painting services more often due to extreme sunlight exposure. Or, you may just be looking for a wall makeover. If you have small kids, you know that they often have a liking for treating walls as their canvases. All these scenarios require professional services, so your home may be restored to its original glory. 

When you book online services, professionals come and check the damage, assess the type of paint required, list your preferences, and then do their magic! 


From things as little as hanging a wall frame to putting up curtains, you can simply call in maintenance services to do it for you. Carrying out regular fixes and checks around the house is vital, but it’s definitely not a one-person job. Therefore, instead of going through all the hassle, and risking greater consequences, it would be wise to opt for online maintenance services.

Visit ServiceMarket now and book a home maintenance company online in Dubai to get all your maintenance issues resolved.Β Β 

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