Waxing Services You Can Get at Home in Abu Dhabi

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Everybody loves seeing their body smooth, soft, and hairless. Whether it is a full body, face, bikini, or eyebrow waxing in Abu Dhabi, most women go to salons for waxing or get their waxing done at home on a monthly basis.

Have you gotten waxed at home before? If not, here is a guideline on what you can expect when getting waxing services at home in Abu Dhabi.

What Are the Waxing Services Offered in Abu Dhabi?

No matter what you have set out to get waxed, there are a few standard practices that are observed as part of every waxing appointment. For starters, in addition to you getting your unwanted hair removed, your beautician gives you a moisturizing session in all the parts of your body that you have gotten waxed. Then, after your waxing and moisturizing are complete, the trained beautician carries out a standardized post-service clean-up practice before leaving your home. For every waxing appointment you avail, these processes are part of the package.

Most at-home salons offer the following waxing services:

  • Arms (Full and Half)
  • Underarms
  • Legs (Full and Half)
  • Bikini
  • Stomach
  • Back (Full and Half)
  • Full Body with Brazilian
  • Full Body without Brazilian
  • Eyebrow Wax 
  • Upper Lip Wax


Both fruit and honey wax can be used to wax any length of the arms, full or half. A half-arm wax includes the area starting from your fingers up to your elbow, while full arms extend till just short of your underarm. 


The underarms are a sensitive area that is susceptible to bruising, therefore the beautician you hire should be an experienced one. It is important to ensure the wax is not too hot while doing underarms as it can burn the skin. Both fruit and honey wax can be used for it.


Your legs can be waxed with honey and fruit wax, depending upon the sensitivity of your skin. Fruit wax is recommended for more sensitive skin. If you go for a half-leg wax, it will cover the area from your feet up until your knees, and a full-leg wax goes up to your whole thighs.


The bikini area is the most sensitive spot for waxing. We definitely recommend using fruit wax rather than honey wax here, because it is the most susceptible to bruising, burning, and rashes. An experienced beautician would make sure that the wax’s temperature is not too hot and that they apply and remove the wax gently.


This includes your eyebrows, upper lips, or even your whole face. Because your face has the most sensitive skin on your whole body, it can be prone to bruising, but this can be fixed by immediate icing, and it leaves no permanent or even temporary marking. 

How Long Does Each Service Take?

The duration of time required for each service varies based on the body parts you are getting waxed. Most websites cite a standard time for each body part, and the duration spent on a customized package combination would be the cumulative time spent on each service. 

For example, full arms and full legs take 30 minutes each, meaning that half of each service would take up to 30 minutes in total. Similarly, eyebrow and upper lip waxing take 10 minutes each, so it is only sensible for a full face wax to take 30 minutes on average. Consequently, the amount of time taken for a full body wax is 75 minutes, with an additional 45 minutes required if you want to avail Brazilian wax.

Is it Safe to Avail Upper Lips & Eyebrows Waxing in Abu Dhabi?

The hot and sunny climate of Abu Dhabi really makes one question if hot wax is a suitable hair removal option for one’s face, the most sensitive area of our body. The answer is, yes! It is absolutely safe to get your facial hair waxed as long as your beautician is trained, experienced, and has a soft but stable hand.

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