What Hair Salon Services Can You Get at Home in Abu Dhabi?

Hair Salon Services

One of the most basic kinds of services provided by home salons are hair services at home in Abu Dhabi. This includes trimming, cutting, and/or styling. Here is a list of services professional stylists and beauticians provide at your home.Β 

Hair Shortening

The first thing that may come to mind when thinking about hair services is hair cutting. Not only is cutting your hair essential for its health and growth, it also enables you to live a more practical and convenient life. The removal of split ends will leave your hair feeling rejuvenated, healthy, and fresh.


This refers to a proper cut which involves the cutting off of more than four to five inches of hair, adding layers, giving steps, cutting bangs, or bringing any major change in the style and length of your hair. The amount of time required for this is approximately forty to forty-five minutes, depending upon your hair length.


Trimming is the process of merely neatening your existing cut, or cutting just a couple of inches to remove split ends and unhealthy hair. It leaves your hair looking healthy without removing too much of it or shortening its length. This is especially helpful if you are looking for a quick fix, or do not want to reduce your hair length. This takes half the time that a proper haircut takes.

Hair Coloring

Hair dyeing has been in fashion since it first came to the fore, and it has become one of those timeless trends that see more and more development over time. There are many different styles of hair dyeing that you can go for, including dip dye, balayage, highlights, lowlights, ombre, root concealer, hair gloss, hair bleach, or full dye. A good home salon service would ensure that the dye they use is ammonia free, to minimize hair damage. 

Most at home hair stylists and beauticians charge based on the length of your hair, rather than the style of dye that you are going for. This also determines the amount of time that the hair coloring procedure would take. 

Short length is the least expensive out of the hair dyeing options, and it takes up to forty minutes, depending upon the style you go for. Medium length hair includes shoulder length or an inch longer hair at max, which takes approximately fifty minutes to an hour in getting done. This refers to all hair that is longer than shoulder length, depending upon which the amount of time taken to complete the dyeing process may vary, but the estimated time is an hour and a half. 

Root Coloring

Root coloring refers to the dyeing of one’s roots alone. For people whose hair has just started whitening, or those who need to retouch their old dye, this is ideal, and it usually takes up to sixty minutes (an hour.)

Hair Styling

Most salons recommend going for any kind of hair styling after getting your hair washed, to get a fresh look and make it last longer. Here are the basic hairstyles every salon offers:

Blow Dry

Blow drying hair refers to the styling of hair using a hair dryer. There are two styles of blow drying – inward and outward. Both take up approximately the same amount of time, around 30 minutes. However, inwards blow drying styles your hair to make it straight while outwards blow drying gives it a more bouncy, voluminous, and at times, even wavy appearance. 

The charges for hair drying are usually determined by the length of one’s hair, but that does have much of an impact on the amount of time taken to complete the procedure. 

Ironing and Blow Dry

Blow drying and ironing hair (usually following a bath) involve drying and then straightening your hair. The iron rod can be used for straightening as well as curling hair, but the usual choice is the former. Many people go for iron curls for how long-lasting and attractive they look. They have a more formal appearance than straightened hair, as curling visibly takes more time.


Salons use curling rods to create all sorts of curls. This includes tight ringlets, as well as beachy waves that look elegant and subtle. The best approach is to get your hair curled tight and loosen the curls using your fingers right before going somewhere.

Whether it is a hair styling appointment you are in search of, or a haircut at home near you in Abu Dhabi, book an appointment through the ServiceMarket app or website. It can get you a convenient solution for your hair related needs.

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