What Is the Cost of Home Massage Service in Abu Dhabi?

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Getting a massage at home in Abu Dhabi is not only convenient, but one of the best ways to unwind physically as well as mentally. The never-ending daily chores are bound to make your muscles tired, causing knots. If left untreated, it can impact your physical wellbeing at times. Getting a massage is the common way to get rid of those knots. So, it may be time to get a session. Make sure you are aware of the cost of home massage service, before booking a session.

Whether you want to have a massage with your friend or significant other, or you wish to enjoy this destresser alone, this blog will guide you about different types of massage and the charges for each. So book home massage in Abu Dhabi now according to your preference and budget.  

The Cost of Home Massage Service in Abu Dhabi

You have the option of choosing from a number of different massage types. Explore the below-mentioned tables for the charges you may incur for each. 

General Body Massage and Body Scrub

A general body massage is among the most commonly requested types of massage. It is meant to focus on the entire body as a whole, relieve stress, and treat sore muscles. You have the option of booking separate back, foot, head/shoulder, and hand massages. Additionally, some salons provide body scrubs, at an additional fee. Before making a reservation for any service, this is what you should expect in reference to prices.

Type of ServiceCost
Body ScrubAED 120
Hand Massage (15 mins)AED 40
Foot Massage (15 mins)AED 90
Back Massage (30 mins)AED 100                                                       
Head Neck Shoulder Massage (30 mins) AED 85

Deep Tissue Massage

If your muscles often feel tense due to any reason, it can be relieved by the sturdy finger pressure applied during a deep tissue massage. You have the option of choosing the time that best suits your degree of tension.

Time of ServiceCost
Deep Tissue Massage (60 mins)AED 300
Deep Tissue Massage (90 mins)AED 400
Deep Tissue Massage (120 mins)AED 500


A reflexology massage restores the body’s natural energy flow by applying pressure to specific pressure points of the hands, feet, or ears. You have the option of choosing between 60 to 120 minutes of this heavenly service as per your budget. 

Time of ServiceCost
Reflexology Massage (60 mins)AED 300
Reflexology Massage (90 mins)AED 400
Reflexology Massage (120 mins)AED 500

Couples Massage

If having massages alone feels boring, go for the couple’s massages and enjoy this relaxing treatment with a friend or your partner. You can enjoy experiencing destressing together on separate beds, next to each other. The cost varies as per the duration of the session you choose.

Time of ServiceCost
Couples Massage (60 mins)AED 500
Couples Massage (90 mins)AED 700
Couples Massage (120 mins)AED 900

Thai Massage

Originating from India, this ancient massage type requires you to lie on the floor while the massage therapist relaxes your body through stretching techniques and gentle pressure. 

Time of ServiceCost
Thai Massage (60 mins)AED 300
Thai Massage (90 mins)AED 400
Thai Massage (120 mins)AED 500

Swedish Massage

If you’re looking to relax and improve your overall health, this is just the massage you need. To relieve tension and knots, the therapist uses rolling, kneading, tapping, vibration, and percussion. The cost of a massage at home is determined by the length of the session, just like with other massages.

Time of ServiceCost
Swedish Massage (60 mins)AED 300
Swedish Massage (90 mins)AED 400
Swedish Massage (120 mins)AED 500


An aromatherapy massage is your ultimate relaxing solution. It includes a soft-pressure massage by the therapist, using a combination of essential oils. Choose between 90 to 120 minutes of this therapeutic session. 

Time of ServiceCost
Aromatherapy Massage (90 mins)AED 400
Aromatherapy Massage (120 mins)AED 500


Instead of waiting for your muscle tension to get worse, you should opt for getting a couple of sessions periodically. The cost of home massage service should not stop you from getting the much-needed relaxation you need from time to time. 

While getting a massage session at home may seem like a luxury investment, a lot of companies offer it at affordable rates. So, visit ServiceMarket and book massage therapists in Abu Dhabi as per your required service and budget. 

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