What Should You Not Do During a Body Massage in Abu Dhabi?

body massage in Abu Dhabi

Nothing sounds better than a body massage in Abu Dhabi after a long day at work or in the sun. Are you new to massages and unfamiliar with the general etiquette that needs to be observed while getting them? As a procedure that requires direct contact and skin exposure, massages can turn awkward very fast.

If you are new to this experience, this blog will prepare you for when you book a home massage in Abu Dhabi. 

6 Things to Avoid When Getting a Body Massage in Abu Dhabi

Here are some of the major DON’Ts you need to avoid during a massage session whether in a spa center, or at home.

1. Make Excessive Noises 

It is natural to moan the normal amount during massages because they make you feel good. However, making too much noise creates an awkward and embarrassing situation for the massage therapist. If one is too noisy while getting a massage, they would end up disturbing other people in their homes, too. Moreover, it is extremely disrespectful and misleading to stare at your massage therapist while you get massaged.  

2. Ask Your Massage Therapist Out 

It is highly unprofessional and inappropriate to ask your massage therapist if they want to go out on a date. Whether it is an offer to go see a movie, join you for dinner, or stay over a while after your massage is over, it is all off the table given the formal nature of the exchange. Any personal involvement with your massage therapist is not recommended. 

3. Comment on Your Massage Therapist’s Looks 

The attractiveness of your massage therapist is a matter that should never be addressed by you, as it breaches the code of professionalism necessary to maintain the smooth flow of the whole process. Moreover, because of the bias and stereotyping surrounding the massage industry, this is considered an even more sensitive concern. 

4. Undress With the Massage Therapist Around 

It is important to refrain from undressing in front of your massage therapist. Even if it is to make yourself feel comfortable, or to break the ice, it is a direct breach of conduct and can be considered both inappropriate and disrespectful by your massage therapist. Disrobing should only be done in their absence because it exposes parts more of your body than what they are required to see and can be awkward or distracting during the briefing process.  

5. Touch the Massage Therapist 

The biggest misconception of the massage industry is that your therapist is open to being touched. By getting an appointment and paying for the service you are allowing your massage therapist to touch you. The same cannot be said for them. They are only trying to do their jobs whilst maintaining a professional relationship with their clients. 

6. Cross Boundaries or Discuss Uneasy Topics 

While massage therapists can be great conversationalists, and it is great fun having a light chat while getting massaged, there is no need to take up sensitive topics or get into heated discussions with your massage therapist. Just like in any professional exchange, engaging in conversations about politics, religion, morality, and other personal topics that can become controversial should always be avoided. Therefore, in order to ensure that both you and your massage therapist have a relaxing experience, it is best to steer clear of any such discussions.  

Customers who avail any kind of body massage in Abu Dhabi should know the inherent privilege that they have, especially in the comfort of their own homes. So when you book a massage at-home service in Abu Dhabi, it is very important to avoid all the don’ts as discussed above and treat the massage therapist with respect. This will ensure a comfortable environment for both you and your massage therapist. 

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