What To Expect From A Professional Pest Control Service in Jeddah

Pest Control Service in Jeddah

Facing a pest infestation? It’s strongly recommended that instead of trying to tackle it yourself, you should hire a pest control company in Jeddah. After all, many types of pests such as cockroaches are known for being resilient. Instead of just going with the first or cheapest option you come across, do some research and find the most suitable licensed pest control service. The experts at ServiceMarket have put together this guide to help you understand what to expect from a professional pest control service in Jeddah.

General and specialty services 

Did you know that pest control companies offer general as well as specialty services to tackle particular pests such as cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, termites and rodents? You can’t deal with all pests in the same way, which is why pest control companies use specialized methods for different types of pests. On the other hand, general services are ideal for preventative pest control, pre-move treatment and treating several pests at once. Your pest control company can also help you with identifying the type of pest infestation you are facing. 

Safe methods and chemicals 

You should only hire licensed pest control companies in Jeddah to ensure the safety of your family. Licensed companies use methods and chemicals that are safe for you, your family as well as your pets. Some of the chemicals sold in the market can be hazardous to health, which is another reason for hiring professionals instead of taking a DIY approach. 

Good customer reviews and rating 

You can learn a lot about a company by finding out what other customers are saying about it. So, before hiring a pest control company, be sure to read some customer reviews online on platforms like ServiceMarket, which also allow you to compare company ratings and quotes. If a company has a low rating or unsatisfied customers, you always have plenty of other options to choose from.  

A pre-service discussion

While licensed pest control services in Jeddah are generally experienced and use safe methods and chemicals, you can still ask questions to find out more about their service. You can ask the pest control professionals to explain how the service will be carried out, what chemicals will be used, and the mode of treatment, e.g., gel, spray, etc. At this stage, you can also find out about the precautions that the company will take to ensure that the treatment is safe for you and your family and whether or not, and for how long, you need to be away from your home. 

Effective treatment (indoor and outdoor)

Not only do pest control services cover the interior or your home but also the outdoor areas such as your garden. If there’s an ant infestation in your home, then the pest control experts will inspect your lawn or garden to find and eliminate ant nests. One of the main reasons for hiring professional pest control services, besides the use of safe chemicals, is that pests infestations are often very difficult to deal with and can recur if they’re not eliminated completely. Pest control companies have the right tools and know-how to tackle even the most stubborn infestations and many of them even have a post treatment guarantee period. But do keep in mind that some pest control treatments require some time to take full effect so do wait for two weeks before reaching out to the company in case the problem persists. 

If you are looking for an easy way to find the right professional pest control service in Jeddah, you can do so through ServiceMarket which only partners with vetted companies. You can also get free quotes from multiple companies and read customer reviews online to make an informed decision.Β Β 

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