Which Fake Nails Are the Healthiest?

Fake Nails at Home service in Dubai

In recent years, the popularity of getting fake nails through nails at home services has soared in Dubai. Individuals of all age groups love to express themselves through diverse nail art and designs. However, with this surge in popularity, concerns about the health implications of different types of fake nails have also emerged. It is essential to make informed choices that prioritize not only aesthetics but also the well-being of the natural nails and overall health. 

Explore the various types of fake nails you can get through nail salon home service in Dubai, which are also considered the healthiest.

Understanding the Types of Fake Nails

To make better choices, it is also important to understand the types of fake nails.

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are created by combining a liquid monomer with a powder polymer, forming a durable and long-lasting artificial nail. However, the application process involves strong chemicals that may not be suitable for everyone. 

The removal process for acrylic nails can also pose risks, as it often requires soaking the nails in acetone. Prolonged exposure to acetone can lead to dryness, brittleness, and peeling of natural nails. Therefore, while acrylic nails may offer durability, they may not be the healthiest option for everyone.

Gel Nails

Gel nails are created by applying a gel-based substance onto one’s nails and then curing it for a set time under an ultraviolet (UV) light. Although gel nails tend to be more flexible and natural-looking than acrylics, they still involve exposure to UV light during the curing process.

Concerns have been raised about the potential health risks associated with frequent exposure to UV light, including an increased risk of skin aging and, in extreme cases, the development of skin cancer. While the exposure time during a standard gel nail application is relatively short, it is advisable to minimize exposure when possible.

Dip Powder Nails

First, a colored powder is applied onto the nails after applying a base coat and activator. This method is considered to be less harmful than acrylic nails since it eliminates the need for liquid monomers. However, the removal process may still involve acetone, and the powder itself may contain potentially irritating ingredients.

Choosing Healthier Options

According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), proper nail care is essential to prevent damage, infections, and other adverse effects. The AAD recommends certain practices to maintain healthy nails, such as avoiding excessive filing, opting for regular manicures, and choosing soak-off gel nails over acrylic nails.

Soak-Off Gel Nails

One of the key recommendations from the AAD is to choose soak-off gel nails. Soak-off gels are a type of artificial nails that can be easily removed by soaking them in acetone. Unlike acrylic nails, which must be filed off, soak-off gel nails are more gentle on the natural nails.

Soak-off gel nails are known for their flexibility and natural appearance. They are applied in layers and cured under a UV or LED lamp. The curing process ensures a durable and long-lasting finish. Additionally, the removal process is less abrasive compared to acrylic nails, minimizing the risk of damage to one’s natural nails.

Press-On Nails

Press-on nails have experienced a resurgence in popularity due to their ease of application and removal. These artificial nails come in pre-designed sets that can be adhered to natural nails using adhesive tabs or glue. Press-on nails do not require exposure to harsh chemicals or UV light during application, making them a safer option for those concerned about the potential health risks associated with other types of fake nails.

Tips to Reduce Damage

Avoiding Harmful Chemicals

When considering fake nails in Dubai, it is essential to be mindful of the products used in their application. Some artificial nails may contain harmful chemicals that can lead to allergic reactions or long-term damage. Opt for nail salons that use high-quality, hypoallergenic products to minimize the risk of adverse effects.

Regular Maintenance

Regardless of the type of artificial nails chosen, regular maintenance is crucial for ensuring their longevity and preserving the health of natural nails. Routine fills and touch-ups help prevent lifting and other issues that may compromise the integrity of the nails.

Consulting with a Professional

To make an informed decision about the healthiest fake nails, consider consulting with a professional nail technician. A qualified technician can assess the condition of your natural nails, discuss your preferences, and recommend the most suitable option for you.

Skip the Cuticle Trimming

The cuticle serves as a protective barrier for the nail matrix, preventing bacteria and fungi from entering and causing infections. Trimming the cuticles excessively can compromise this natural defense mechanism, leading to potential nail problems. Requesting your nail technician to skip cuticle trimming helps maintain the integrity of the cuticle and supports overall nail health.


While the allure of beautiful nails is undeniable, it is crucial to prioritize the health of your natural nails when choosing fake nails.

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