Which Manicure Is Best for Healthy Nails in Dubai?

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Are you looking for salons in Dubai that can come and do your nails at home without damaging them? You aren’t the only one. Nail services at home are commonly available but not everything will be suitable for you. We often hear about manicures that can be damaging to your cuticles or are harsh on the skin. So, knowing which manicure will restore your nails instead of weakening them can be important before you book any nail service at home in Dubai. This article lists a few of the best available options.  

Types of Soothing Manicures and Nail Services at Home 

Some manicures can weaken nails or infect your cuticles if the manicurists aren’t careful. In contrast, there are some manicures that can soothe your nerves and also help with aching joints. If you are intrigued and want to get a manicure that will nourish your nails and help you relax, here are a few healthy options:

1: Basic Manicure

The simplest things can sometimes also be the greatest. A basic manicure followed by a breathable nail polish or nail growth serum can be a relaxing experience. It isn’t harsh on your skin and allows the cuticles to breathe. You can expect a basic manicure to last 30 minutes and include the following steps:

  • A deep but gentle cleanse for your hands 
  • Massage with a moisturizing hand lotion 
  • Trimming and shaping nails
  • Filing and buffing for extra shine and finish
  • Cuticle oil application
  • A breathable or organic nail polish

If you like wearing nail polish often, choosing a breathable nail color can change the game for you. Breathable nail polish or Halal nail polish usually has organic ingredients and vitamins that are great for nail growth and strength.Β 

2: Paraffin Manicure

A paraffin wax wrap is also soothing for the skin and will protect your nails from any damage. The manicurist will start off by melting the wax and bringing it to an optimum temperature. Then, you will be asked to soak your hands in it.Β  It is a great manicure to get at home because the wax soak can take twenty-five to thirty minutes.Β 

After the wax solidifies, it can be easily removed like a peel-off mask. You can follow it up with a moisturizing massage and a peel-off nail polish. It is breathable and gentle on the nails and fairly easy to remove. Moreover, it doesn’t require acetone which is a powerful solvent that can strip your nails off of their natural hydrating oils.

3: Hot Stone Manicure

Hot stone usually follows the same steps as a basic manicure. You can choose the type of nail enamel you want as well. Then the manicurist will soothe your senses with hot stones. The warmth and pressure of the stones can help with joint pain and can be great for people with arthritis or overworked muscles. The manicure also includes a few other steps including exfoliation, moisturization, and a massage. This might be one of the most relaxing procedures that you can get at home.Β 

4: Gel Manicure

Frequently trimming or filing your nails can inevitably hurt them and you may lose the natural luster as well. However, getting a gel manicure means you don’t need to file, trim, or use acetone nail polish remover on your nails. A gel manicure can be the least damaging to your nails because it can last for a long time. Once you get a gel mani you don’t need to maintain your nails for up to three weeks. 

If you are looking for a quick fix that will last you a while, go ahead and book a gel manicure at home for yourself. Gel nail polishes have a relatively better finish and they dry incredibly fast. Moreover, they can also fortify your nails and they won’t chip, smudge, or break.

The only downside to a gel manicure is that you will need another professional appointment to remove it. You might damage your nail beds if you don’t turn to a salon for assistance so, don’t risk it when you can easily book a home service.


Nail services at home can be truly convenient and very relaxing but it’s not always easy to find the right salon. A reliable service should have hygienic equipment, experienced staff, affordable prices, and should know what they’re doing. 

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