Reduced Working Hours During Ramadan 2017

Working Hours During Ramadan 2017

Ramadan may start on May 27, 2017, depending on the sighting of the moon. By law, working hours will be reduced by two hours for both Muslims and non-Muslims. Private companies can pick timings that suit them, with the exception of construction companies where laborers are entitled to a 3-hour midday break. Even though the labor law does not apply to free zones, most companies still follow these working hours.

You can expect most companies and businesses in the UAE to alter their timings of operation during Ramadan. Not having food or water during daylight hours means that workers are likely to feel lethargic and have lower productivity, and since Ramadan is falling in the summer this time, the heat is just going to add to it.

Home services companies are no different and have to be especially mindful of their employees because of the physical exertion that most services entail. At the same time, however, they must also ensure that they cater to the needs and requirements of their customers. To help you plan and book your home services, we have done a round-up of various home services companies and their hours of operation during Ramadan to make sure you can find someone that suits your schedule (and budget, of course!).

Ramadan working hours for moving companies

Working hours and flexibility around working post-Iftar depend on the type of moving company you go for. In general, larger companies will be a bit more stringent and are likely to have a fixed working schedule. Usually, they will stop working a few hours before Iftar (i.e. 2-3 pm). To be safe, you can plan your move to take place between 8 am and 3 pm. However, if you can’t fit your move within the stipulated timings, you may find it easier to hire a smaller moving company, since they are usually more flexible with regards to their timings and services and work on a client-to-client basis. In some cases, you may be able to convince them to resume work after Iftar as well.

Despite the altered hours of operation, there are no changes in their charges, so hiring a moving company is still going to cost you the same.

Ramadan working hours for cleaning companies

Cleaning companies, in general, offer their services during Ramadan between 8 am and 3 pm, and are unlikely to work after Iftar time. This means if you have a regular weekly booking with your cleaning company after 3pm, you should give your cleaning company a call to choose an alternative booking slot with them during Ramadan. Charges for cleaning services tend to remain the same throughout the year, with no additional charges incorporated due to Ramadan.

Ramadan working hours for maintenance companies

Unlike movers and cleaning services, maintenance companiesΒ in the UAE operate for 9 hours each day throughout the week, except for their off day on Friday. Β You can expect someone to be available between 8 to 4 pm or 9 to 5 pm to carry out maintenance tasks around your house, depending on the company you book with. Their long hours of operation also mean that you are likely to be home from work yourself and free to supervise the maintenance workers’ visit.

Like all other home services companies, maintenance companies also maintain the same rates throughout the year and do not alter them for the month of Ramadan.

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