Your Guide to Hiring Full-Time Maids in Abu Dhabi

full time maids in abu dhabi

Living in Abu Dhabi, if you’re trying to juggle work, house chores, and kids, this is your sign to stop and pay attention to yourself. Otherwise, it can take a serious toll on your physical as well as mental health. Take a break and let full-time maids in Abu Dhabi take care of your home while you take care of yourself.

Just like computers, our bodies need time to refresh and reboot too. Getting enough sleep is not the only solution. So, instead of trying to manage everything on your own, book a maid in Abu Dhabi and make your life easier.Β 

Finding Full-Time Maids in Abu Dhabi

Before starting the hiring process, think about your requirements and ask yourself whether you need a live-in or live-out maid in Abu Dhabi. You can answer this question depending on the volume of workload around the house. Moreover, decide beforehand if you want to sponsor the maid yourself or through an agency. If you decide on the latter, make sure that the agency you choose is registered, to avoid any fines.

You can either choose a suitable maid from an agency or contact one on your own. To do this, you’ll need to register with an online database of maids who are searching for work in the UAE and contact them yourself. Moreover, you can also meet one through a personal reference or contact an agency from your home country. 

After choosing the right candidate, you can get started with the necessary paperwork. Make sure to check for the cost of sponsoring a maid in Abu Dhabi, regardless of if you do it on your own or through an agency. 

How Much Is a Maid Visa?

Applying for a maid visa can be a long, tiring, and often complicated process. It requires time, patience, and all sorts of documents. The average visa charges are approximately AED 6,000, provided that you are the legal sponsor of your maid. This fee is paid to the UAE government and is non-refundable.

Sponsoring a Maid

You can sponsor a maid through Tadbeer, a government agency that helps you with recruiting, training, visa processing, and sponsorship of a maid. Sponsoring maids is not cheap in the UAE. So make sure you have the finances to clear out all the dues. Apart from money, the entire sponsorship process requires a lot of documents, which are as follows:

Entry Permit

You can apply for an entry permit for the maid by submitting the required documents, forms, and a refundable deposit to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). The sponsor’s passport copy, attested tenancy contract, salary certificate, maid’s passport, passport size pictures, and an application for the helper’s visa is required. 

As per the deposited fee, it is refunded if the maid leaves the country and is no longer employed by you. Moreover, keep in mind that you require a minimum two-bedroom house to hire a maid. 

Residence Visa

The application for the maid’s visa, Emirates ID, and fitness report must be submitted within one month of the maid’s arrival in the country. Visit a typing center to get the form typed and gather the necessary documents before submitting it to the GDRFA. You will need the sponsor’s passport copy, stamped entry permit, salary certificate, maid’s passport size picture, deposit sticker, and a labor contract. 

Medical Fitness Report and Emirates ID

A medical test should be done within 30 days of the maid’s arrival through a medical center. For the Emirates ID, get the application forms filled by a typing center and submit them to an Emirates ID center. These will also require the maid’s pictures, fingerprints, and eye scans.

Legal Constraints

It is important that you are well aware of all the legal regulations when hiring a maid. Following are the main points to know:  

  • Employment of a person below 18 years of age is strictly prohibited.
  • You cannot assign any tasks to your maids that are not covered under the contract. 
  • No discrimination between the maids on basis of gender, color, race, or religion. 
  • Sexual harassment or forced labor is prohibited and if occurs, will result in severe consequences. 


Finding full-time maids in Abu Dhabi by yourself can be a tedious task. But luckily you have the option of handing over this process to an agency altogether. It will handle all the documentation and visa processes for you.   

To get started, visit ServiceMarket now and see reliable options to hire full-time maids in Abu Dhabi based on the details about your location and other requirements. You can get free quotes from various companies, and choose the one that fits the bill.Β 

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