10 Window Cleaning Hacks

10 Window Cleaning Hacks

We have all been there. You have a day off, you see your windows are becoming quite dirty, and you decide to clean all the windows in your Dubai home. You think you’ve got it under control until you’re left frustrated and puffing after cleaning the first window. It can be quite difficult to clean a window properly if you don’t know what you’re doing. However, if you follow these window cleaning tips and hacks provided by ServiceMarket, you will see crystal-clear windows in no time.

Window Cleaning Hack #1: Vacuum First!

Before you start spraying your windows with liquids, you need to vacuum the window frames. Use a narrow nozzle head on your vacuum and clean up any dirt or dust sitting on the frame. If you forget this step, you will end up having to clean a muddy mess in the window frame at the end of the day.

Window Cleaning Hack #2: Start at the Top!

It may not seem obvious to you, but it is actually really important where you start cleaning your window. Start at the top and work your way to the bottom in rows to limit streaking. You will also find that keeping the bottom for last will limit the amount of recleaning you will have to do.

Window Cleaning Hack #3: Use Newspapers!

You may have heard this hack a million times before, but we only repeat it because it actually works. The best way to get a crystal-clear streak-free window is to wipe it down with a newspaper. Amazingly enough, this old method for window cleaning happens to be the best do-it-yourself method out there. Unlike paper towels, newspapers don’t leave lint behind on the glass. Also, unlike cloth, a newspaper doesn’t leave streaks. Newspapers are relatively cheap, and you will often find old ones lying around the house. The old method suggests using vinegar as a spray with the newspaper; however, modern window cleaning products work just as well.

Window Cleaning Hack #4: The Magnetic Squeegee!

Truly one of the most useful cleaning inventions of our time, the magnetic squeegee can save you lots of time. This device is basically a squeegee that can be split in half. One half of the squeegee is put on the inside of the window while the other side is placed on the outside of the window. Both sides are magnetic which makes them move together. This tool is especially useful when you live on a floor other than ground and need the outside of your windows wiped down.

Window Cleaning Hack #5: Don’t Clean on a Hot Day!

If you chose to clean your windows on a hot day, you might run into trouble. The sun will cause any liquid you put on your windows to quickly evaporate which will leave behind hard to clean stains on the glass. If you are going to be washing your windows on a hot day, aim to clean in the early morning or around sunset when the weather is cooler.

Window Cleaning Hack #6: Clean Your Squeegee!

Many people who use a squeegee to clean their windows often get frustrated when the glass doesn’t end up being as clean and as streak free as they hoped. Firstly, to get good results from a squeegee, it has to be a good quality tool. Opt for a more heavy-duty squeegee that almost sticks to the window of your Dubai home as you glide it down. Also, you need to wipe down your squeegee religiously during the cleaning. Just like you wouldn’t use a dirty cloth to wipe your windows, you also shouldn’t use a dirty squeegee.

Window Cleaning Hack #7: Make Your Own Window Cleaner!

You can make a handy window cleaner right at home with safe ingredients. In a spray bottle add some vinegar, water, and dishwashing detergent. Shake the spray bottle to shake all the ingredients and spray your windows generously. This mixture will both clean and sanitise your windows due to the added vinegar.

Window Cleaning Hack #8: Use a Pole!

While you may think you need a ladder to reach the top of your windows, this might not be such a good idea. The safer, faster, and easier method to cleaning the top of your windows is to use a pole which you can attach a squeegee to.

Window Cleaning Hack #9: Wet the Squeegee!

Before using a squeegee to wipe down your windows, make sure the blade is wet for a little while. After the blade has been sufficiently wet for a while, wipe it down and start cleaning. A dry, brittle blade will skip and leave soapy spots behind.

Window Cleaning Hack #10: Catch the Drip!

Lay out towels or cloths on your window sill to catch any drip that results from the cleaning. Make sure you pick up the liquid before it reaches your carpets and leaves a stain.

If all these hacks sound a little time consuming, you can follow the best window cleaning tip of all…hire a professional! A professional window cleaning company in Dubai will have your windows sparkling in no time. You can easily find theΒ best window cleaning companies as well as customer reviews on ServiceMarket.

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