5 Services a Handyman in Dubai Can Provide You With

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Living in Dubai, you need to book maintenance services regularly to keep your home in shape. Now the question is who can help you achieve this? Your handyman of course! He is your knight in shining armor who can help you fix everything around your house. Through ServiceMarket you can get the best handyman in Dubai with just a few clicks. So, wait no more and get your house mended in a jiffy!

In case you’re wondering what sorts of services these skillful individuals can provide you with, continue reading and get to know yourself. Although they can assist you in several tasks, we are here with a list of 5 things that you can book them for in the UAE. 

5 Services a Handyman in Dubai Can Provide You With


Although water is a basic necessity for all, too much of it in the face of leaking pipes and faucets is havoc. And so, you require a handyman to do the job as handling it all alone is pretty taxing and frustrating. Skilled in fixing sanitary pipes, installing bathroom fixtures, and identifying and mending leakage, a plumber can take all the stress off your back in no time.


Electricians are a great help if you want anything electrical to get done around your home. From mounting sockets, adding wiring, installing and repairing all your electrical fixtures to lighting your house, they can do it all. 

All these things must be done by a professional because firstly, it’s dangerous and secondly, it’s pretty technical, so experienced hands are what this particular work requires. Therefore, beware and don’t try anything electric-related on your own.


Carving a table for your family to enjoy meals on requires specific tools and machinery that a handyman might already have. So why spend on these drills and saws when you can hire a professional who uses the ones he already owns to your advantage. 

With the right expertise, a carpenter can mold a piece of log into whatever shape you want. You can ask him to make tables, chairs, cupboards, doors, and whatnot. Be it high or low relief, he can carve your wood as per your liking. So get a handyman to do all the woodwork in your space, giving a rustic nordic vibe to it.

Furniture Assembly 

Now that you have turned those pieces of timber into woody goodness, you must be thinking about those ready-made pieces of Ikea furniture: how to assemble them and put them into perspective? Well, a handyman is available for this job too! Whether you want to assemble newly bought furniture articles or dismantle the old ones, a professional can help you do it at the speed of light. So why waste the time and energy, when you can hire someone who’s trained to do it.


Once you move into your new house, you don’t want people to barge through your doors uninvited. So, for your safety and that of your valuables, you need to hire a locksmith to install all your door locks and provide you with keys that may allow only you to enter. 

Also, if you ever lose your keys or forget them inside the house, you can always call up a handyman and either get the locks changed or get a new pair of keys made. So override all these mishaps by hiring a locksmith!

Final Takeaway 

Apart from the services mentioned above, there is a whole lot of other things that a handyman can do. Be it the exterior of your house or its interior, he can handle and fix everything. You name it and a skilled individual will be there to do the respective work in no time.

If you want thorough professionals to be there at your service and offer top-class craftsmanship then you can hire a handyman in Dubai through the best service provider in town, ServiceMarket. So what are your waiting for? Get everything in your house fixed and treat your family with a space, prim and proper, to thrive in!

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