5 Tips to Choose a Cleaning Company in Dubai

The average individual these days has a lot on her plate, so it’s no surprise that, given the chance, you would probably want to book cleaning services in Dubai. After all, we need more time than ever before for other things such as managing a full-time job, coming home to spend quality time with the family, not to mention the multiple social obligations that one has to fulfill.

This brings us to the ultimate question: how should you choose from the plethora of cleaning services operating in Dubai?

  1. Before hiring any cleaning services, figure out which areas of the house have to be cleaned. For example, do you want someone to just clean the living areas but leave your personal bedrooms? Do you want someone to take up other household chores as well, like laundry and ironing? Jot down a list of services you are looking for, which can help you in narrowing down the cleaning services in Dubai.
  2. Get reviews! Look up what people have to say about the cleaning services Dubai has available, as you may be able to pick up key points from testimonials on their websites. They can often tell you a lot about the efficiency of workers, how punctual they are, and more.
  3. Look for insured companies. Stay away from cleaning services that are not insured and bonded, since this can protect you against potential damages. An insured and bonded company is going to cover the costs of any damage or loss of property that may occur during cleaning, whereas you would be left to deal with this on your own if it is not insured and bonded.
  4. Ring them up and ask them about the screening process. Once you have shortlisted a couple of candidates from the part-time cleaning services Dubai has to offer, call them up to ask them about how they screened their workers before hiring them. They should be able to discuss their screening process with you, or you can choose to ask them specific questions, such as whether or not a personal background check has been carried on the cleaners.
  5. Know which products will be used. Find out what kind of products they use during the cleaning process, especially if you, your kids or your pets are allergic to any specific chemical. If a cleaning service uses products containing this specific chemical or does not disclose exactly what is being used in the cleaning process, save yourself the potential trouble of dealing with them.

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